Escape to the Hiding Place – Review

Escape to the Hiding Place
For Tyndale’s Summer Reading Challenge, they had quite a few books in the Imagination Station series, and I reviewed one of them already, which I absolutely LOVED, despite it being set in Ancient Rome! Once I found out they had a WWII themed book and it was on Amazon for less than $5, of course I bought it!
In this book aimed at first-third graders, cousins Patrick and Beth travel back to WWII Holland and join the Dutch Resistance, and ultimately smuggle a Jewish baby to Corrie ten Boom’s house. I did enjoy this book, but unfortunately not as much as I thought I would. I found certain parts unrealistic (and I thought of work-able, age-appropriate alternatives). Some parts I thought could have been better researched, but I was able to forgive this, mostly because I understand the authors are just authors, not historians. I also don’t think it’s quite for 7+, but perhaps a slightly more mature age group. Then, there is the implied historical inaccuracy in most Corrie ten Boom stories, but that’s just a pet peeve of mine.
Although there are many other Holocaust chapter books, specifically right off my head Twenty and Ten for the first-third grade age and Number the Stars that I prefer better, this book wasn’t horrible by any means, and I’m really proud of them for even tackling this subject for a young audience range and overall, recommend the series. It truly is a fantastic Christian series that introduces young kids to history. (I’m quite passionate about WWII and somewhat picky about it! That’s just me and my issues lol)
I will definitely be checking out the rest of the series and  would encourage you to do the same!
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