25+ Fun Edible STEM Experiments for Kids

STEM is so much more fun when it involves food. Here are 25+ edible STEM experiments for kids to munch on while learning!
STEM is so much more fun when it involves food! Here are 25+ edible STEM experiments for kids to munch on while learning!

25+ Fun Edible STEM Experiments for Kids

Oreo Cookie Moon Phases – Science Notebooking
Create the phases of the moon in Oreo’s! Use the frosting from Oreo’s to demonstrate the different phases.

DIY Designing and Building Solar Oven – Chalkboard Creations
Build a solar oven to get kids engaged with STEM. It can be an intro to why cars can get so hot in the sun.

Layered Earth Cake – Rosanna Pansino
Create the layers of earth with cake in this edible STEM recipe! When you cut open the cake, it reveals the multilayers of the earth.

Crystallization and Homemade Rock Candy – Happiness is Homemade
Create rock candy, while learning about crystal growth.

How to Make a Lemon Battery – Hila Road
It’s not quite edible, but make a lemon battery with a lemon, penny, and nail!

How to Isolate Strawberry DNA – Steve’s Spangler Science
It’s not as hard as it sounds – it just requires a few household ingredients!

The Kitchen Garden Experiment – Modern Parents Messy Kids
Plant a pineapple, green onion, and avocado indoors – and watch them grow! Track their rate of measurement with the freebie included.

Cell Molecules with Marshmallows – Highhill Homeschool
With toothpicks and gumdrops, make cell molecules come alive. They’re 3D, hands-on, and edible!

Jupiter Planet Structure – Cake Crumbs
Recreate the layers of Jupiter, made from cake! This works best for older elementary and up, and can be as detailed or as plain as you’d want.

Sushi Cell – Craftster
Create a cell from a paper-plate sized sushi! Each part of the sushi represents a part of the cell.

How Strong is Spaghetti? STEM Challenge – Frugal Fun 4 Boys
How strong is spaghetti? Find out in this low cost and no prep activity.

Edible DNA with Twizzlers – A Middle School Survival Guide
Create DNA with Twizzlers, toothpicks, and mini marshmallows in this delicious activity!

Rock Classification Lesson – Hub Pages
Study earth science from a Christian perspective. Learn about sedimentary rocks with these seven layered bars made from graham cracker, flaked coconut, and chocolate chips.

Building Gumdrop Structures – Little Bins for Little Hands
Use gumdrops to learn about structures with this edible STEM activity.

Layered Lollipops Candy STEM Challenge – STEAM Powered Family
Aimed at upper elementary, use lollipops for this STEM activity.

How to Make Gummy Candy Planet Cupcakes – Erin Bakes
Make the planets with cupcakes! The bright colors are made from gummy bears.

Edible Sedimentary Rock Activity –  Rainy Day Mum
Combine science with this delicious dessert! Activities are included to flesh out this edible science!

Edible Soil Layers – Super Teacher Worksheets Blog
Learn about the layers of soil with these different layers of sweet treats.

Building Atoms with Candy – Education Possible
Create elements with M&Ms or skittles with the free printable included!

Edible Butterfly Life Cycle – My Joy-Filled Life
From egg to butterfly, learn about a butterfly’s life cycle with this edible activity.

Fat Experiments – Inspire Me ASAP
Learn about different types of fats, food groups, and fat with different types of foods!

Color Mixing Gobstopper Science – Steve Spangler Science
Why don’t the colors of Gobstoppers mix? Find out in this brightly colored experiment!

Apple Toothpick Tower Challenge – Preschool Powol Packets
Instead of gumdrops, use apples as a healthier, sugar-free alternative to this engineering challenge.
STEM is so much more fun when it involves food. Here are 25+ edible STEM experiments for kids to munch on while learning!
Turning Milk into Plastic – How Wee Learn
Turn milk into a plastic-like play-dough like material with this experiment.

Eggshell Chemistry Experiment – Science with Kids
Try this naked egg science experiment by letting the shell of the egg dissolve. I’ve done this before and it is super fun to observe.

Build a Snack Mix Machine – Left Brain Craft Brain
Learn about pulleys and engineering with this snack mix machine. It has step-by-step directions kids can try on their own or with help.
STEM is so much more fun when it involves food. Here are 25+ edible STEM experiments for kids to munch on while learning!
Lollipop Lab-Flavor Mixing Experiment – Fantastic Fun and Learning
Aimed at preschool and early elementary, explore how when different things are combined, they get different results.

How to Make Edible Glass That Really Shatters – Go Science Kids

Create edible glass with sugar water, and watch it shatter!

Pretzel and Marshmallow STEM Structure – The STEM Laboratory
Practice engineering and building with this 100% edible pretzel and marshmallow structure.

Edible Igneous Rocks Model Science – Preschool Powol Pockets
Learn about igneous rocks with this mix of treats in this edible STEM activity. It’s best for preschool and kindergarten.

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