Earth Day Lapbook – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for Kids

Teach students about sustainability, recycling, eco-friendly habits, and Earth Day with this FREE lapbook for kids!

Earth Day Lapbook

This FREE Earth Day Lapbook is a wonderful way to get your students excited about helping keep our planet green and healthy. Today’s kids more than ever need to understand sustainability and how to put it into practice in their everyday lives. This free lapbook will teach them that reducing, reusing, and recycling not only helps the earth but can be fun too!

Turn this into a unit lesson plan with these book lists:

Activities included:

  • How to Reduce, How to Recycle, How to Reuse envelopes with ideas to sort
  • Vocabulary
  • What Can I Recycle flipbook (glass, plastic, paper, electronics)
  • 4 Ways I Can Help the Earth

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for Kids

Here are a few ways that kids can put reduce, reuse and recycle into practice:

  • Turn off the water when brushing teeth
  • Clean up litter and place it in a trash can
  • Make a craft using cardboard boxes, lids, other recyclable materials
  • Use a reusable grocery bag when you go to the store instead of plastic
  • Shut off the lights when you leave the room
  • Take a bike ride or walk instead of driving the car when possible
  • Cut down on your use of paper plates and use a plate that can be washed and used again

Grab the free lapbook here!

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  • Thank you, though I id like decorated labels of things in class, much-loved when in Khoekhoegowab

  • A very cool idea. Thank you! I will definitely draw up such a planner with my family. We are apprehensive about the future of our planet and therefore are constantly organizing various events to collect garbage and the processing of various materials. Also, popularize movement repeated use of waste.