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I’ve had a bit of an addiction lately. But, unlike all other Internet phases, this one’s is addicting because it pays off! Here are a few ways I’ve been earning gift cards with SwagBucks!
Make money online via Swagbucks
In exchange for answering a couple questions, watching videos while you’re cooking, surfing the web, or doing homework, or using their search engine instead of Google, you get rewards which you can redeem for gift cards! They have gift cards from everything from iTunes to Amazon to Aerie to Texas Roadhouse! Use Twitter or FaceBook much? Swagbucks is very interactive with their users, and have fun contests and SwagCodes often.
Typically, 100 Swagbucks equals 1 “real” dollar. A $5 Amazon gift card is 450 SB.
Perfect for teens
As a teen, I love this. I play videos in the background as I work or do school. Easy. Some surveys are aimed at teens and being for a specific market; are paid higher.
Is it legit?
Yes, it is completely legit. I’ve cashed out over $100 in Amazon gift cards. I know many who use it and have bought things from books to Kindles with Swagbucks. SwagBucks has a fantastic reputation.
The Daily Poll, No Obligation Special Offers, and Toolbar
These things take about 40 seconds and can be done daily, for a total of 4 SwagBucks.
4×365=1460 SB
SwagCodes are available on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter, but they will not post the same SwagCode on more than one social media site. For those with smart phones, download the Swagbucks app on your phone. This will let you know when any SwagCodes are available, so you don’t have to check their social media every hour. These are limited time opportunities to earn a few extra SB. SwagCodes range from 2-7 SB.
Surveys are the fastest way to make money via Swagbucks. Survey payouts range from 30-100 SB. Availability varies.
Watch videos
The comedy ones are the shortest (around 15 seconds) followed by the animal and wedding ones, around 1-1:30 seconds. There is clips from The Voice, cooking tips, recipes, and more. For every 10 videos you watch, you get three SB. Have the videos play in the background while you’re surfing the web, on Pinterest, doing bookwork, etc. I currently have SB TV in the background right now.
Average 30 daily, 30×365= 10,950
SwagBucks TV App
This app is awesome. Download it, and every 4 videos gives you 2 SwagBucks. Best part? You don’t have to change the videos. (No, you cannot just let it play all night. You occasionally have to close out of ads.)
Average 9 daily:   9×365= 3,285 SB

Read articles for about 1/2-1 minute and watch videos that play about 1-2 minutes. Get 1 SB each.
Average 5 daily:    5×365= 1,825

SwagBucks Mobile
Download the SB app on your smartphone and get notified about every new swag code available!
SwagBucks Search
Instead of Google, use SwagBucks search, and randomly get 6-12 SwagBucks. (Note: do not try to take advantage of this)
Average 15 daily:   15×365 = 5,475 SB
Play Games
I don’t do this, but you can get SB for it. If you’re the gaming type, might as well use this.
Clip Coupons
We shop at Aldi’s, but if you don’t you can get coupons and earn SwagBucks – double savings!
Shop using SwagBucks.
Walgreens, Walmart, Office Max, Staples, Hotels.com – when purchasing online, click on the SwagBucks link and get SwagBucks for buying things online!
Earn Rewards for Reaching Your Daily Goal
Faithful SwagBucks user? You get rewarded daily! You can earn even bigger rewards (25-300 SB) for meeting goals for a consecutive week or month.
Average 4 daily, excluding weekly/monthly rewards: 4×365= 1,460

Slow and Steady
You won’t get $500 tomorrow. And, you may not even get that in a year. But, I have heard crazy SwagBucks success stories from some of my favorite bloggers. Within time, you will be able to afford that new iPad, iPod, or Kindle. It’ll take a while – but it’s worth it. 🙂
With only the ones I had numbers on, this equals 24,455 SwagBucks, and that is excluding SwagCodes, shopping online, coupons, games, and surveys. With 24,455 SwagBucks, you can buy approximately $245 worth of regular gift cards. If you get only Amazon $5 gift cards, that means you can have 54 $5 gift cards, equal to $270 in a year. And that is all on the low and minimum side of things. Victoria from Snail Pace Transformations has an article that shows what’s possible but it is a bit extreme. I mean, nobody is going to watch 500 videos a day. But, if you’re on a tight budget, this is a great example of what you are capable of with Swagbucks.
So, what are you waiting for? Join SwagBucks now! (Do I sound like an infomercial?)
Please use the above links to go to Swagbucks, as it is an affiliate link. I am not getting paid from this article in any way from SwagBucks. (Except the affiliate link)

Are you a current SwagBucks member? What are your favorite ways of earning SwagBucks?

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