Creation Crate Review + Giveaway: Science Kit in a Box

I fully believe in teaching science without a textbook. What better way to teach science than with hands-on curriculum? With a Creation Crate subscription, it is easier than ever.
Creation Crate
Creation Crate is a monthly science subscription designed to teach kids STEM: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Each kit includes a project that requires programming to get it working properly. Kits are designed for ages 12+, although younger children may be able to do it with parental guidance. There were many tiny pieces to put together, and all had to be in their correct positions to light up.
My kit was a mood lamp that lights up once programmed. All parts and pieces are included in the kit; all you need is a computer with a USB port. (most computers and laptops have one!) The kit came with easy-to-follow illustrated directions on how to build it, and how to program it, with breakdowns of what each line of code does. (I also had to download two free programming programs for the coding portion – but this was no big deal, and they only have to be downloaded once.)
One single forgotten bracket, or a case-sensitive letter could make or break a project’s success. Fortunately, since there was quite a bit of typing involved, the program used to write code (Arduino) would highlight each line that had an error, which was INCREDIBLY helpful! (Instead of having to look for the error yourself, which can be very eye-straining.)
The instruction book included three discussion answers, so students can review the programming code to make sure they understand it.
Another key lesson involved is following directions. I’ve always been a pretty analytical thinker and am almost always thinking ahead to “what’s next.” While it’s great for long term planning, I can sometimes think too far ahead on a smaller project! As I was ending the little project, I was ready to turn off the lights to see it glow. I was so excited!! When nothing happened, I reviewed the directions, and realized I had gotten a few parts mixed up. Once I put the parts in place, the pieces began glowing! (It came with a paper lantern, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to put it on the lights.)
Creation Crate 2
Creation Crate offers four subscription packages; a one month subscription at $29.99, their popular three month subscription, a six month subscription, and a 12 month subscription, which is only $22.49 per month. Creation Crate is Canadian based, but they include free shipping on all orders. (Their website prices are also USD.) In addition, they ship worldwide!
Creation Create is hosting a generous giveaway! The giveaway is worth over $80, and includes a three month subscription from Creation Crate! The best part? There are three winners! Keep up with Creation Crate on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Le Chaim On The Right + Creation Crate 3 Month Giveaway Contest – Up to 3 Winners!

Disclaimer: I received a free Creation Crate box in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinions. Please see my Terms of Use section for more details.

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