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The Pursuit of Happyness Movie Study

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This The Pursuit of Happyness study guide has 7 pages filled with reading comprehension, discussion questions, and more.

Chris Gardner only met his father once, and he grew up in an abusive home. He made a promise to himself that no matter what, he would be a good father to his son. It's a promise he keeps, even when he and his son battle homelessness. The Pursuit of Happyness is his true "rags to riches" story of how Chris becomes a successful stockbroker. It's a great film with lessons on family, father-son relationships, perseverance, homelessness, poverty, and Wall Street.

  • Summary of Chris Gardner's Life (reading comprehension)
  • Discussion Questions
  • The Life of Chris Gardner
  • Fact vs Fiction (the movie vs real life)
  • Homelessness and Poverty in the US
  • What is happiness?
  • Answer Key