25 Christmas STEM Activities: Science, Tech, Engineering, Math

Here are 25 days of Christmas STEM activities: Christmas science, technology, engineering, and math activities to use this Christmas season. Use this as a Christmas countdown, advent calendar, or boredom buster!
Here are 25 days of Christmas STEM activities: Christmas science, technology, engineering, and math activities to use this Christmas season. Use this as a Christmas countdown, advent calendar, or boredom buster!
I cannot believe it is almost December! Christmas is fast approaching. Use this great opportunity to take a break from traditional homeschool routines, or incorporate them in a Christmas homeschool science lesson. I love learning without a textbook, and these experiments and building activities are a great way to incorporate fun with learning.


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Christmas STEM: Science

Dissolving Candy Canes – Lemon Lime Adventures
What is the fastest way to dissolve candy canes – hot water, cold water, vinegar, or oil? Find out in this experiment!

Fizzing Christmas Science Fun – B-Inspired Mama
With this experiment, your kids will discover firsthand how some ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar, create a fizzy explosion when combined!

Hot Chocolate Science – Creative Family Fun
Besides being educational, this experiment is also delicious! Discover if temperature affects the speed that the hot chocolate powder dissolves.

Snow & Ice Experiments – Home Science Tools
In the first experiment, you can test the snow outside your home to see just how wet it is. In the second experiment,  you can discover how salt melts ice.

Snow Storm in a Jar – Lemon Lime Adventures
With this experiment, you can create your own snowstorm! This is also the perfect opportunity to learn more about the weather and how storms work. This activity is great for preschool or early elementary.

Growing A Crystal Christmas Tree – Playdough To Plato
Conduct your own Christmas tree-themed chemical reaction. Besides being insanely cool, this experiment is also a good introduction to chemistry lab!

What’s the Best Way to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh? – Live Science
In this experiment, you will test several different solutions to see which one will keep cut plants fresh the longest (especially in regard to fresh Christmas trees). However, you do not need a fresh Christmas tree to perform this experiment.

Crystal Candy Canes Christmas – Little Bins for Little Hands
Crystalize these pipe cleaner candy canes with Borax! They can grow overnight, and these candy canes are great for making into an ornament.

Christmas STEM: Technology

Recycling Christmas Lights – Education
Every year when we are getting out the Christmas decorations from the shed, we discover many strands of lights that have simply ceased to function. Some strands last a decade, and some last a year. Here’s an experiment you can do to make finding burned-out light strands a little bit more fun. In this activity, you will use a battery to light up a Christmas light.

STEM Activity: Holiday Light Circuits – Nitty Gritty Science
This experiment could be called a more advanced version of the last activity. Any science-loving high schooler will really enjoy this one.

Make Christmas Lights Blink – Lowe’s
Ever found yourself wishing that there was a simple way to turn a non-blinking strand of Christmas lights into a blinking strand? Well, you can! Also, discover how blinking Christmas lights actually work.

Christmas STEM: Engineering

Tinkering Trees – Left Brain Craft Brain
This activity utilizes nuts and bolts and is perfect for involving handy dads.

Christmas Engineering Activity For Kids – Fun-a-Day
This activity is perfect for younger children who love building things. Encourage engineering through craft sticks.

Christmas Cup Tower STEM Challenge: Build A Tree – Little Bins For Little Hands
If your family enjoys cup stacking, then this activity is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. You can utilize engineering skills while appealing to the festive side of Christmas!

Jingle Bell Maze: A STEAM Activity For Kids – Handmade Kids Art
Build a Christmas-themed maze with Legos and then roll a ball through it. This is perfect for building and problem-solving brains!

Engineering For Kids: Building Igloos With Marshmallows – Lemon Lime Adventures
Use toothpicks and marshmallows to build a miniature igloo in the comfort of your own home. Once you are done using your engineering and geometry skills, you can eat your experiment. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Christmas STEM Activity: Simple Catapult For Kids – Little Bins For Little Hands
In this activity you will use popsicle sticks and rubber bands to make a simple catapult that can shoot pom poms. While this activity primarily teaches engineering and science, you could also use it as an excuse to study how catapults were used in ancient history.

LEGO Santa Sleigh STEM Building Challenge – Left Brain Craft Brain
Practice building Christmas objects with LEGOs, to encourage engineering and building skills. There are instructions included, and engineering tests to try.

Christmas STEM: Mathematics

Christmas Math Worksheets – Math-Drill.com
In case extra math practice is needed (or if math is a favorite activity in your household) here are some Christmas themed math practice sheets.

No Prep Snowflake Fractions – Royal Baloo
Use snowflakes to teach fractions, with this free printable!

Christmas Lights Math – Abc Ya
This game is a blast! Even kids who don’t enjoy math will have fun with this Christmas math. You can adjust the level of it as well.

Geoboard Snowflakes STEM Activity For Kids – Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls
Use geoboards and rubber bands (or Rainbow loom bands) to create your own unique snowflakes and learn more about geometry in the process of this Christmas math.

Hot Cocoa Addition Freebie – Happy Little Kindergarten
Use marshmallows to learn about simple math concepts with this free printable.

Christmas Pattern Blocks – PreKinders
These Christmas tree, snowman, present, snowflake, and wreath activity sheets help teach about simple geometry concepts.

Christmas Addition Color Sheet – 1st Grade Fantabulous 
Once you find the answer to all the math problems on these sheets, you have unlocked the coloring code. Solving math problems was never so much fun!

What are your favorite Christmas STEM activities?

Here are 25 Christmas STEM activities: Christmas science, technology, engineering, and math activities to use this Christmas season.

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