Christmas Gifts for Homeschool Moms

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Christmas Gifts for Homeschool Moms

Meal Plan Subscription

I love Hello Fresh and its meal delivery service. Get all of the ingredients delivered to your doorstep. This is a great way to try new recipes without fear of failure! Step-by-step recipes are included as well as perfectly-portioned ingredient sets to help you get a delicious dinner on the table in very little time. 

Coffee Subscription Box – MistoBox

There are subscription boxes for everything – including coffee! It starts at $10.95 and you receive a variety of curated coffees from around the world.

Learn in Color T-Shirt

This sweet T-shirt from Learn in Color will proudly display your educator pride and will remind you of the things that matter a whole lot more than a test grade or letter on a report card. At the end of the day, raising kids who are responsible, compassionate, full of integrity, wise, good at time management, ambitious, resilient, and have a love of learning means you have reached true success as a homeschool mom!

Restaurant Gift Cards

Every busy mom needs a night off from cooking dinner for the family once in a while or a special date night. What better way to treat a homeschool mom than a gift card to her favorite restaurant? She would likely also enjoy a card to her favorite coffee shop for those Monday mornings. 

Amazon Prime Subscription

If the homeschool mom in your life doesn’t already have a subscription to Amazon Prime, now is the time! This annual subscription will allow access to a wide variety of music, movies, and documentaries that are free to watch with Prime. Plus, who doesn’t love free two-day shipping?

Spa Set

A busy homeschool mom still needs to take time for self care. A spa set might encourage her to prioritize an evening of much-needed relaxation! She’ll feel refreshed and appreciated. 

Coffee Gift Basket

Every busy mom knows that coffee is an integral part of getting through some of those looongg days. The homeschool mom in your life will definitely be excited to receive a basket of her favorite coffees with all the fixings!

Cozy Slippers

Help keep mom’s feet nice and cozy this winter with some softer-than-soft slippers. The homeschool mom in your life will love walking around in luxurious warmth this winter!

Thermal Laminator

This laminator is the perfect gift for a homeschool mom! Tired of running to office supply stores to get your posters and educational games laminated? This thermal laminator is the answer! Small enough to store easily in your home, yet fits any standard size sheet of paper. A green ready light shows you when your laminator is hot and ready to go, and you can use almost any basic laminator sheets inside. Perfect for preserving your teaching materials for years to come!

Back Massager

This back massager is a busy homeschool mom’s dream! After a long day of teaching and working around the house, giving her tired back some love is going to be something she looks forward to!

Avocado Tree Growing Kit

If the homeschool mom in your life enjoys her avocado toast (who doesn’t?), then this unique gift is where it’s at! This kit helps you transform your own avocado pit into your very own avocado tree.


If you are passionate about giving gifts that promote livable wages for workers and are made from sustainable materials, then Causebox might be perfect for your beloved homeschool mom. Each season will bring a new box to the door full of fun and useful products that contribute to the global good.

Join Book of the Month Club

If the mom of your life is a voracious reader, then this might be the perfect gift for her! Each month she will receive a new book in the mail based on her preferred category of genres.

Embroidery Starter Kit

For the mom who loves to learn a new craft and enjoys fine art–this embroidery set is such a fun idea. Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night will come to life with a needle and some thread. This makes a great evening project for those snowy winter nights. 

Tile Sticker

If mom is constantly losing her keys, phone, wallet, etc., then this might be her favorite gift this year! These ’tiles’ stick to anything you wish and use Bluetooth to help you track down missing items as soon as you realize they’re lost.

AirBnb Gift Card

Get away for the weekend with AirBnb. It’s a great way to get out of the home while still being socially-distanced. You can find a lot of really cool spaces to enjoy a week or weekend alone, even if it’s in a neighboring city.

What I Love About Mom Book

Create a mini scrapbook or wall calendar easily with Shutterfly. I’ve done this for my grandma and she loved it!

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