Chemistry 101 and Giveaway!

I am a visual learner.
I get sidetracked easily.
Science is my worst subject.
I wanted a Christian science curriculum, preferably one that is pretty basic and keeps my interest. I was convinced there was no such program and I would always be a science failure. 🙁 When I began reading stories of people who “didn’t like science until they started The 101 Series” the program really had me intrigued and I knew I had to try it out.
The 101 Series is a visual high school science curriculum for those seeking a Charlotte Mason “textbook-free” approach to high school science. It is visually rich, and has made science much more tolerable for many people, including me.
Perks of the 101 Series:

  • Charlotte Mason’s “textbook-free” method
  • Earn high school credits
  • 100% family friendly
  • Family-owned – made by a “real” homeschool family
  • Christian, Creationist view
  • Visual, auditory, kinesthetic learners
  • Accreditation booklet (to log hours)
  • Tests
  • 4 discs, 20-45 minutes per video lesson
  • Guidebook – no note-taking needed
  • Experiments with no complicated “science” materials
  • Less expensive than typical high school science curriculums
Weekly Lessons
Each week, you watch a video, journal what you learned (or were assigned), take the test, and do the experiment (if any).

Created by a “real” homeschool family
The series was created by Wes and Tammy Olsen, who have home schooled their 4 children. Biology 101 was created in 2004 after Tammy could not find a well-fitting science curriculum for their older sons. Chemistry 101 and soon to be Physics 101 came afterwards.
Best for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners
I watched “Chemistry 101” and was quite surprised at what I saw. Firstly, it was not dry and boring as most other science curriculums I have came across. No fancy science words are present without thorough clarification. It had lots of graphics, photos, videos, quotes, and a bit of humor. The introduction explains a little bit about Chemistry and the history of it. After watching the video, I took the test briefly. Surprisingly, I remembered the majority of the things on the test, despite watching it once and not studying. Imagine if I would have watched it twice! The pictures flashed in my head at the multiple-choice questions. So, I may get an A+ in science this year! 🙂
BONUS: I was super happy to see some Danish WWII history mentioned in the Introduction! What a pleasant surprise! (I love WWII history)
Have a short attention span?
I seriously have ADD. I cannot concentrate on boring writing. If it’s not my phone distracting me, it’s my sister’s jokes or my uneven-fingernails. Chemistry 101 truly did capture my attention. Chemistry 101 has bits of humor and some random history that I really enjoyed. It had lots of animated graphics and images, which helped me remember things better.
For the whole family
Although aimed at high school students, it is appropriate for all ages.
No complex, expensive, messy science experiments
Unlike many curriculums, the science experiments in the 101 Series do not require a $500 microscope and rare chemicals. The majority of the supplies needed are everyday objects. This may come from the fact that this was created by a “real” homeschool family of 4 that doesn’t have hundred of dollars to spend on science labs.
Comes with Guidebook
No more note taking! It comes with a guide book with all of the important information covered.
Accreditation booklet and tests
The last disc comes with a booklet so you can track hours and tests.
This will satisfy high school credit, but is not AP/CLEP level
This is one thing I enjoy about the curriculum. I don’t want a complex science curriculum. I just want something that keeps my interest, which Chemistry 101 does well. If you are looking for an intense science curriculum for a science lover, Chemistry 101 probably isn’t ideal for you.
I cannot WAIT until Physics 101 comes out later this year. I will definitely be purchasing that for our homeschool library. I hope as the 101 Series continues to grow and prosper, they will create visual DVD science curriculums for younger grades because I can tell you, I would’ve appreciate science a lot better if I would have had this curriculum in my earlier homeschool years. I also know my little sisters (ages 6, 4) won’t like textbooks, and I know they would love the 101 Series.

As a thank-you to my readers…
9 months, 225+ comments, 50+ subscribers, 100,000+ views, 100+ posts later, a new Twitter…I proudly introduce my first giveaway!
Thank you The 101 Series!

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Fortunately for me, my last years of homeschool science look pretty promising.

DISCLAIMER: I am a very honest person. I was given this product in exchange for an honest review. This in no way effected my opinion.

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