Books Made Into Movies

 Here is a list of books made into movies or movies made into books. I have read the book and seen the movie unless otherwise noted.

Sometimes kids books are made into PG-13 moves, and sometimes PG-13 movies are made into kid-appropriate books. All books/movies are for the age range listed.

Kids (8 and under)

Tweens (9-13)


  1. Babe is an all time favourite of our family. Based on Dick King-Smith’s book “Sheep Pig”. Delightful story, visually and great use of classical music.

    •Mr Popper’s Penguins – the book may be suitable but the movie is full of innuendo and “substitute” blasphemy.

  2. Mary Poppins is fantastic but expect the book to be completely different. We listened to the audio book in the car and we were amazed by all the differences.


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