Books About Pets for Kids

Picture Books

What Pet Should I Get? by Dr. Seuss

Told in the whimsical, rhyming style of Dr. Seuss, this story tells of two children who visit the pet store and try to find the perfect pet! But with so many to choose from, how will they ever make up their minds? 

Is This Your Class Pet? by Troy Cummings

Arfy’s work is very important–he visits schools and reads with students five days a week! After one such day on the job, he comes home and finds a surprise in his vest–a turtle! It’s someone’s escaped class pet, but which class could it possibly belong to? Arfy sets out to write letters to each of the teachers in the school to inquire about run away reptile. 

The Perfect Pet by Margie Palatini

Elizabeth wants a pet of her own more than anything in the world! But her parents tell her to settle for a cactus instead. While Elizabeth cajoles her parents and they continue to resist, the most unexpected pet of all appears! And it turns out, this pet is one the whole family can agree on. 

This is Gus by Chris Chatterton

Gus is an experienced and serious dog who knows the ropes and sticks to a routine. But when a rambunctious puppy joins the family, Gus finds himself feeling annoyed and grumpier than usual. Will the two find a common ground? 

The Princess and the Frogs by Veronica Bartles

In this slight twist on the classic fairy tale, a girl keeps dreaming of a frog pet, but instead finds they keep turning into the frog prince! Will this girl who just wants a hopping friend finally get her wish?

Spencer’s New Pet by Jessie Sima

Spencer is so excited about his new pet dog. He can’t wait to take it on a walk, to feed it, and to show it off to his friends. But when the pet dog turns out to be a pet balloon dog, Spencer has to find different and unconventional ways to play with his new pet. 

Ferocious Fluffity by Erica S. Perl

Fluffity is the new class pet in Mr. Drake’s room. She sure looks cute–from behind bars–but when she’s out of her cage Fluffity is FEROCIOUS! How will the class tame their new pet so she doesn’t further terrorize the school?

The Best Pet of All by David LaRochelle

A young boy’s mom won’t let him get a pet dog, but says she will allow a dragon if he can locate one! When the boy does the impossible and finds one, he and his mother discover that dragons are louder and messier than even the naughtiest of dogs! 

Caring for Your Pets by Ann Owen

This nonfiction book helps kids grasp the responsibilities that come with being a pet owner, including providing them with exercise, taking them to the vet, feeding, watering, cleaning, and playing with them. 

No More Bows by Samantha Cotterill

Milly loves dressing up her dog Hugo in big, beautiful bows. Hugo, however, detests bows. But he does love Milly. After briefly running away, Hugo decides to return home and offer a compromise–bow ties. 

I Don’t Know What to Call My Cat by Simon Philip

A stray cat appears on a girl’s doorstep one day and she takes him him. She recognizes that he needs a name, but it seems that none of the names she can think of is quite right! One day the cat disappears and another pet shows up in his place–this one is easy to name but all the more difficult to live with!

I Found a Kitty! by Troy Cummings

When Arfy the dog finds a stray kitten named Scamper, he is filled with compassion and brings Scamper home. Uh oh! Arfy realizes there is a big problem when he discovers that his human is allergic to cats. Where will Scamper live now? 

My Favorite Pets by Gus W. for Mrs. Smolinski’s Class by Jeanne Birdsall

This is one child’s hilarious school essay, written for his class, about his beloved and playful pet sheep. 

Being a Dog by Maria Gianferrari

A young child and his dog go for a walk in the woods, and the reader is invited! Breathe the fresh air, listen for the sounds of animals and wind, and smell the scents of the outdoors along the way!

Charlotte and the Rock by Stephen W. Martin

Charlotte has always wanted a pet, and with her birthday coming up, she’s sure she’ll get one as a gift. But when her parents present her with a rock instead, she can’t help but be disappointed. If only her rock could do what other pets do: play, eat, cuddle, etc…or can he? 

Mr. Putter and Tabby Series by Cynthia Rylant

An kind elderly man and his orange tabby cat have adventure after adventure in this silly book series for younger readers. 19 books in all. 

Chapter Books

Bailey’s Story by W. Bruce Cameron

Bailey the puppy quickly learns his roles around the house: fetch the balls his boy throws, run around the farm with his boy, and lick the boy’s plate clean after dinner. Soon, however, Bailey realizes his duty might be even more weighty than he first imagined–to protect his boy. 

Stella by McCall Hoyle

Stella was trained to sniff out dangerous chemicals, but one day she makes a deadly mistake and misses something important–resulting in an explosion that claims that life of her owner. Stella becomes a changed dog: biting, growling, and afraid of her own shadow. Esperanza, a dog trainer, is the only one who seems to think that Stella is still worth saving, and she vows to give Stella every chance she can at a happy life. 

Humphrey’s Pet Show Panic by Betty G. Birney

Humphrey the Hamster is excited to enter the school’s talent show, that is, until he sees the other talent that’s out there! Now he’s not so sure he has what it takes to impress the judges. Og the Frog comes to his rescue when Humphrey shows off too much and gets to close to the nose of the dog, and Humphrey realizes a good friend is the best prize anyone could ever have. 

Mercy Watson Series by Kate DiCamillo

Mercy Watson is a mischievous pig who loves buttered toast more than anything in the world. Although she often causes trouble, she ends up cleaning up her messes in unconventional ways that are absolutely hilarious! 

The Poet’s Dog by Patricia MacLachlan

Teddy the dog grew up in a cabin with a human who wrote sonnets for a living. He’s a special dog who is able to communicate with humans, but it seems his gift only reaches two kinds of people: poets and children. 

Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

Ulysses the squirrel is saved from an untimely end by a kind human named Flora, and the two become inseparable. Together they take on more adventures that will have upper elementary readers laughing!

Hero by Jennifer Li Shotz

Hero is a retired search-and-rescue dog, and he’s not planning on that changing anytime soon. But when a stray puppy named Scout comes into his life, Hero and his human Ben  find themselves on the search and rescue mission of a lifetime. 

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh by Robert C. O’Brien

Mrs. Frisby is a widowed mouse trying to care for four young baby mice. She is already strung out when she finds that the family must move immediately, or die. Problem is, her youngest, Tim, is ill and must not be moved. Enter the rats of NIMH, an exceptional group of critters ready to save the day. 

On the Road to Mr. Mineo’s by Barbara O’Connor

Stella, who has always wanted a pet, jumps at the chance to house Sherman the one-legged pigeon when he flies into town. The pigeon proceeds to be seen all around town, while Mr. Mineo across town seems to be down one bird. Will Sherman find his way home at last? 

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