Books About England for Kids

Learn about England’s rich history with these chapter books about England for kids, including fiction and vivid non-fiction.

Learn about England's rich history with these chapter books about England for kids, including fiction and vivid non-fiction.


Who Was? Series

Elizabeth I: The Outcast Who Became England’s Queen by Simon Adams

This is an awesome biography about Elizabeth I who no one thought she’d be the Queen of England. Read her biography to dive more into her story to understand her more. She was an important ruler in England’s history and this book breaks it down for understanding. 

Horrible Histories of England by Terry Deary

While no one wants to look at a country as being horrible. While no one really wants to know everything that has happened in a country’s past that is bad, sometimes you just need to know. These Horrible Histories of England is a perfect example of a book set in England that everyone needs to read. You’ll learn all about those rebellions, riots, rumpuses. 

Horrible Histories: Blitzed Brits by Terry Deary

It’s hard to believe, but Britain has seen its fair share of bad in its history. Talking about the history of Britain can help kids understand what has happened in history. Every country has it’s good and bad, this book focuses on the bad, but does it in a fun way. 

Kid’s Travel Guide to London by FlyingKids

Traveling to London isn’t always possible. However, you can take your kids on the trip of a lifetime with this Kid’s Travel Guide to London. Getting to see the ins and outs of such a wonderful city just got a whole lot more fun. 


Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Gray

England has a lot more to offer the world 500 years ago than anyone thought possible. Adam traveled through England in the 13th century. Adam finds himself alone after his dog is stolen and his father disappears. 

Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman

With this book, you’re about to learn the events of a lady named Catherine’s life. She is trying to escape the traditional role of women back in her time period and spends time recording her adventures. She is always longing for an adventure and you get the chance to go with her. 

Oliver Twist by Charlies Dickens (Classic Starts)

You haven’t lived if you have not heard about Oliver Twist. Oliver has a ton of adventures with Fagin and his band of thieves. Of course, this is after Oliver gets thrown out into the streets after being an orphan and causing a ruckus. 

Manor of Secrets by Katherine Longshore

This is an interesting book that will take readers on multiple adventures. Katherine and Elizabeth give a good example of what life may have looked like back then in England for a set of twins like them. Before long, wedding bells will be ringing, but when something gets vandalized, the truth will soon be revealed.

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights by Howard Pyle (Classic Starts)

King Arthur and His Knights have a lot to teach kids of the world about England and all of the wonderful stories that took place in this time period. One of my favorite parts of this book is the story of Guinevere and Merlin’s tragic downfall at the hands of the evil Vivien.

The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Ten-year-old Ada and her brother Jamie are taken from their abusive mother and sent to live in the country with a woman named Susan. This story is set in England, but still offers perspectives of life on the Home Front. Because of some content issues (including subtle hints of lesbianism and themes of child abuse and neglect), this one is only recommended for grades 6+. This was a Newbery Honor. Its sequel, The War I Finally Won, is equally as well-written without the content issues.

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