Black History Month Movies For Kids and Teens

Celebrate black history month with these black history month movies for kids and teens, sorted by age-appropriateness.

Black History Month Movies for Kids

Black History Month Movies For Kids

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Ruby Bridges

In 1960, Ruby Bridges was one of the four African American first graders selected to integrate into previously all-white schools. Out of the four, Ruby was the only one sent on her own. The already present racial tension rose to even greater levels throughout this historical moment, pressing social pressure onto young Ruby. This film adaption of the true account highlights both the trouble she endured and the help she received in her courageous story. Grab the movie guide at my store or Teachers Pay Teachers.


This classic tale of a young girl’s dream night afforded to her by a fairy godmother is one that has graced the stage and our television many times, but not with a prominently black cast. This version sparked much attention and served as an empowering example to young girls through the casting of Brandy as Cinderella.

Remember the Titans

After leading his team to 15 winning seasons, football coach Bill Yoast is replaced by Herman Boone who could not be any more different from the beloved coach. Despite internal and external differences, these men push to integrate a team and continue on their winning streak. Grab the movie guide at my store or Teachers Pay Teachers.

Remember the Titans (Director's Cut)Hidden FiguresAkeelah and the Bee


Hidden Figures

Meet Katherine Johnson, a “human computer” who overcomes gender and racial barriers to help take us to the moon and beat the Soviets in the Space Race. This is one of our family’s favorite biopics. It is filled with so many great moments and lessons that encourage everyone to pursue the impossible.

Akeelah and the Bee

After winning her local spelling bee, Akeelah Anderson aims to make it to the Scripps National Spelling Bee with the help of an English professor. Throughout her journey, she learns about perseverance and dedication. It is rated PG and is for kids, but the story is great for teens too.

The Gabby Douglas Story

Gabby Douglas was the first African-American gymnast to win gold in all-around at the Olympics. She’s also the first American gymnast to win gold in the individual All-Around and team competitions in the same Olympics. Her autobiography is Grace, Gold, and Glory – which is aimed at tweens and up.

Grades 5+

The Great Debaters

Denzel Washington stars in this film about a professor in the 1930s. He inspires his students to form the school’s first debate team that eventually goes on to challenge Harvard. This movie was recommended to me and is so good!


This film tells the story of a slave turned abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. This much-anticipated biopic focuses on Harriet’s efforts in leading slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad. 

To Kill A Mockingbird

Told from the perspective of a young girl, this movie is based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. Set during the Great Depression, a black man is falsely accused of raping a white woman. Despite the heavy topics of sexual assault and racial prejudice, this story has opened the eyes of many students to the importance of equality and understanding throughout the years. 




Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball in 1947 when the Brooklyn Dodgers signed him. While going pro is the dream of many, for Jackie, things weren’t always easy and exciting. The racism that this era allowed for pushed him and the people around him during his attempt to make his team and family proud. Grab the movie guide at my store or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

in the 1960s, a black man and white woman challenge social norms with their interracial relationship. Both family’s perceptions are challenged by their intolerance. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner was made the same year the Supreme Court deemed banning interracial marriage unconstitutional.

Red Tails

The Tuskegee Airmen were some of the first people to break color barriers in America’s military during WWII, as they were the first African-American pilots during WWII.


Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens battled racism both on and off the track. Owens broke so-called racial ideals at the Olympics in Nazi Germany and is one of the greatest athletes in track and field history.


This depiction of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1965 focuses on his efforts for equal voting rights. The inspirational film focuses mainly on MLK Jr.’s historic march from Selma to Montgomery.

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