Free Art History Lapbook + Art History Resources

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Art History Lapbook + Art History Resources

This lapbook is a wonderful resource to help students explore the contributions of famous people who have started major movements in art throughout history, as well as styles and mediums used by different artists. Creating a lapbook provides a fun, engaging, and hands-on way to begin or complete a unit study on a certain artist or art movement. Students will read about, research, and write about two famous art movements, choosing between cubism, fauvism, futurism, impressionism, naturalism, neoclassicism, realism, romanticism, and surrealism.

After choosing two of these movements to focus on, students will research and write about the characteristic styles of that movement, the movement’s history, famous artists from this period, and some of the famous pieces of artwork that emerged from this particular art movement. (Pair them with the Art Styles Cheat Sheets)

Students will also gain an expanded worldview as they research three different museums that contain renowned pieces of artwork. They will discover where these museums are located and also write down some of the most well-know artworks that reside at each place. Learning more about famous artwork and where it can be viewed today might result in giving students a bit of the travel bug!

Students will also cut, read, and sort a series of different art movements, famous artists, and art mediums into a lineup of three envelopes glued into the lapbook. Being able to distinguish between these three major categories will ensure that your students understand these main components of art history. 

Art History Lapbook Contents: 

  • List of notable art movements throughout history
  • Art movements envelope
  • Art mediums envelope
  • Famous artists envelope
  • Two flap books for students to go in-depth on two famous art movements
  • Museums with famous art

Grab the free art history lapbook here!

Books About Art and Artists:

If Monet Painted a Monster by Amy Newbold

What would it look like if Claude Monet painted a monster? This picture book is a super fun way to explore art styles (and famous art pictures) through monsters!

Anna’s Art Adventure by Bjorn Sortland

When Anna wanders away from her uncle at the art museum, she begins to befriend the artists she meets while trodding through the halls. Anna discusses art with a whole slew of artists like Rembrandt, van Gogh, Warhol, Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, Pollock, and more. With each conversation she gains new insight into the artists and their creations.

Laurence Anholt’s series features beautiful stories of children meeting famous artists. Each book mimics the original artist’s style.

Check out the full list of Picture Books by Famous Artists!

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