Explore five European countries through student-led unit studies.

geography - history - food - science - art - music

This 240+ page unit study covers 5 different European countries: England, Germany, France, Italy, and Russia. Each country has 10 days worth of activities with extensive learning opportunities to last for 15+ days.

Activities are flexible and suitable for grades 3-7.

  What's Included?

  • 5 Unit Studies
  • Book, Movie, Person, and Topic Resource Lists
  • 8-9 Subjects to Explore (music, art, animals, geography, etc.)
  • 5 Interactive Notebooks
  • 2 Exclusive STEM Projects
  • 2 Picture Book Study Guides
  • Art Time Period/Styles Cheat Sheets
  • BONUS: 10 Page Guided Research Sheets

Book, Movie, and Study Topic Ideas

From picture books to chapter books, find extensive book, movie, people, and topic ideas for research. No specific resources are required, but books and videos will be the main source of information. Use the resource lists to learn about the famous people, landmarks, and events of each country.

Schedule Recommendations

Like schedules? We have a schedule recommendation and bingo cards to help you choose which activities you want to complete.

Like flexibility? Use the bingo cards and study topics to create your own unit study.

Hands-On Interactive Notebooks

Use hands-on interactive notebooks to record everything you've learned about each country.

Each interactive notebook comes with over 20 fun pages of foldables.

I really liked the flexibility of the unit and the attitude of fostering curiosity. I actually really enjoyed how open-ended it was- a tidbit of information, prompts for further study, and fun activities to do.





Gather Your Resources

Look at the table of contents and choose which activities seem the most interesting. Take a trip to the library and check out some of the recommended books and movies. Ask your library for books on the people and topics you want to learn more about.



Here's my favorite part: learning! Go on endless rabbit trials of student-led education.

Why doesn't the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall?

How would you describe Claude Monet's style?

What is the Kremlin?

How do you count to 10 in German?


Record Your Findings

Discover "a-ha" moments - like hearing a reference to the Royal Family in England or reading something about Germany during World War II.

To help you keep track of everything, record your findings in the included interactive notebooks.


What is the Worldview of this unit study?

Around the World: Europe is written from a neutral/secular perspective. It is not dependent on any particular resource, so you're free to use whatever resources work best with your students' levels and interests. Because of its neutrality, ATW: Europe can be used by charter schools, co-ops, or the secular or religious homeschooler. See this statement for more information.

When will I  receive my unit study?

This unit study will be available in winter 2022. It is a digital download and will be available immediately after purchase. No physical copy will be shipped.

Can I complete the study with multiple students?

The more the merrier! The flexibility of this unit allows for it to work for students in multiple grades.

Can I use it as a curriculum?

Around the World: Europe works as a standalone social studies curriculum for half a school year. It will take about 50 days to complete. If you complete 3 lessons a week, it will take about 16 weeks.

Get started with your journey through Europe