Are Learn in Color’s materials religious?

The short answer is no, Learn in Color’s materials are not religious unless they explicitly state otherwise. My mission, first and foremost, is to teach children, regardless of their background, to learn to love learning. This includes ALL students: including those in charter schools or public schools – where religious material taught as fact (or state funds to purchase any religious material) is not allowed.

I hate biased curriculums or resources that are clearly pushing a certain worldview/agenda. Instead, I believe in exposing children to various worldviews and fostering critical thinking skills.

You will never find religion mentioned in my language arts, math, or science resources. A few of my unit studies are geared towards religious holidays (Purim, Passover) and include religious themes. Movie guides based on individuals with strong faiths, such as Bethany Hamilton from Soul Surfer or Corrie ten Boom from The Hiding Place include a few pages that are for a faith-based study. If omitted, the rest of the pack is appropriate for a secular setting since those two individuals are INCREDIBLE and their stories are inspiring for everyone. In these cases, I believe it is a disservice to not mention their faith and it’s not something those people would want.