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Finding good all natural cleaning products can be tricky. TriNova’s cleaning products are created with the consumer in mind. Their priority is simple: create cleaning products that work well while making them safe for you and your family. With plant-based ingredients, these cleaners are natural and come in bulk quantities to help you save time and money.

The first product I tried was TriNova’s all natural dish soap, which came with three sponges and a scrub brush. The dish soap comes in 2 lean, tall 24oz bottles. The scent was white tea and agave, which I enjoyed. It left a pleasant scent that wasn’t too overpowering.

Like any dish soap, simply soak and scrub your dishes! Sometimes, I’ve found that natural products don’t work as well as chemical-filled products. I was really happy with the results. It did not streak and cleaned my dishes well without leaving a strong scent.

TriNova’s message is simple; create safe cleaning products that do their job. Their products are kid and pet friendly and they encourage using reusable materials to use less waste. Instead of chemicals, they use plant-based ingredients to create a positive cleaner that you can feel good about using.

Their second product I tried was their All-Purpose Cleaner. Again, one thing that I appreciated was the scent. This blend of white tea and thyme extract was pleasant but not overpowering.
It comes with 2 32oz bottles plus a reusable microfiber cloth for wiping down surfaces. The large quantity will be more than enough to last me quite a long time!

This cleaner is safe for a variety of surfaces including floors, toilets, sinks, or walls. Other users have also used it for toy stain removal, car interiors, and stovetops.

TriNova’s other products include glass cleaner, upholstery fabric protector spray, and pet stain and odor elimination.
TriNova stands behind the products and offers a 100% money back guarantee. Save 20% when you buy both the dish soap and all purpose cleaner on Amazon with the coupon code 20ORGANIC.

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