for students,
by a [former] student

Hi, I’m Samantha. In third grade, I told my parents I wanted to try homeschooling since I wasn’t learning enough in public school. I later graduated high school and college early and recently earned my MSEd in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Gifted Education.

Here’s thing thing: I love learning but I hate textbooks.

I love watching historical movies and looking up what really happened.

I love visiting museums and marveling about the history of the art.

I love solving quick math problems.

But I don’t like textbooks.

I didn’t see the point of memorizing empty historical dates and equations, only to forget everything after the test.

I created Learn in Color to empower educators to differentiate curriculums and help students find connections in their learning.


I started Learn in Color in my early teens. It has over 9 million views and has helped parents and teachers in 65+ countries. It has grown through innovative products and a focused mission. 


My love of the world has inspired a love of travel: I’ve been to 19 different countries. Travel has taught me the importance of resilience, creativity, and open-mindedness.


My eye for design on my own site led me to founding Life in Color Designs, dedicated to helping female entreprenuers grow their brand through effective design.

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