A Cry From Egypt (Auer) – Review

Cry from Egypt
A Cry from Egypt by Hope Auer is a Christian fictional novel about a young girl’s experience through the Exodus and the Passover.
Young Hebrew Jarah has been a slave all her life. As she grows older and begins questioning her hope and beliefs, Moses comes, and demands Pharaoh let his people go. Pharaoh, of course, refuses, and Moses throws down the staff; which turns into a slithering snake. Pharaoh scoffs, has his magicians create a snake, which Moses’ snakes devour. And then the plagues begin.
Throughout the book, Jarah witnesses the plagues of Egypt, and Yahweh’s power, wrath, mercy, and love. This book is written by homeschool graduate Hope Auer and illustrated by another homeschool graduate.
My favorite part about this was it has an audiobook!! One of my biggest audiobook pet-peeves is when it has an evident robot reading reading. A Cry from Egypt has dozens of actors, many of whom were homeschooled or are currently homeschooled. The audiobook is complete with professional editing, sound affects, and music and felt like an episode of Adventures in Odyssey. I read half the book and listened to the audiobook for the second half. As an audiobook-junkie, I have to admit I did enjoy the audiobook better. There’s something amazing about hearing the story pop off the pages, and being able to multi-task while doing so.
I guess the only thing I didn’t really like was in the beginning phases, I couldn’t fully buy Jarah’s conversations about Yahweh. It wasn’t until about mid-way when I found the conversations realistic, and the story flourished from there. However, this may be because I’m a bit older than the target age range. 🙂 Other than that, I found the story fast-paced, adventurous, and of course with a sweet hint of romance.
Overall, a fantastic and important book to read (or listen to!) this Passover season. You can buy the book here (and get free shipping), check out Hope’s website, and check out the audiobook cast. There is also a sequel being developed, which I can’t wait to read next.
Disclaimer: I was given a copy of A Cry from Egypt in exchange for an honest review. I am an honest person and this in no way affected my review. Please read my full disclosure.

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