A Christmas Carol Unit Study

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A Christmas Carol Unit Study

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens has been a classic since it was written. From the classic characters to the simple and poignant Christmas story, it’s no wonder A Christmas Carol has sustained its popularity.

For this novella, I wanted to make a unit study that could be adapted for multiple age ranges.

For younger elementary students, I have this free 5-page pack to go along with any version of A Christmas Carol. There’s a sequencing activity, traits of Scrooge for comparing/contrasting, and a sheet for helping students think about how they can help others in their own lives. At the end, there’s a fun addition-themed color by number worksheet!

One of my favorite adaptions of A Christmas Carol is Disney’s Mickey’s A Christmas Carol. (You can grab it on Disney Plus – it’s shorter than 30 minutes.) For late-elementary students, this 12-page packet is only $2.50 and helps students dive deeper into the story in a fun way. Grab this movie guide here.

For older students (grades 5-7), I put together A Christmas Carol novella guide to go along with Dicken’s classic novel. (You can read it for free on Project Gutenberg.) There are 5 chapter quizzes, discussion questions, a vocabulary list, pre-reading questions, and more to accompany the novella and spark rich discussion. You can grab the guide here, for just $2.50

A Christmas Carol Recipe Ideas

Whether you’re watching the movie or reading the novella, try this recipes inspired by A Christmas Carol.

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding is popular in England and is mentioned several times within the story.

Mince Pies

Mince pies are cute, tiny little pies that are filled with dried fruits and spices. I’m not a fan of pies, but here is a popular recipe.

A Christmas Carol Versions

The Man Who Invented Christmas is the story of Dickens writing A Christmas Carol.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol (2009) is one of the most popular modern versions but can be a little scary for sensitive viewers.

Mickey’s A Christmas Carol (that has the movie guide above!) is less than 25 minutes long. It’s short and a feel-good Christmas feeling in the old-fashioned classic Disney animation.

Barbie in A Christmas Carol was one of the first versions of the story that I remember watching.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is another favorite retelling of the story.

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