40 Christmas Activities for the Family

Have fun this Christmas season and complete these 40 Christmas Activities challenge with the family!

Have fun this Christmas season and complete these 40 Christmas Activities challenge with the family!

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What are your favorite things to do during Christmastime? There are so many different options! Some of our favorite traditions include putting a giant puzzle together and baking sugar cookies. Sometimes, it’s fun to break away from old traditions and try new ones.

With Christmas break approaching soon, make it a point to try new things this Christmas season. It’s such a busy holiday season, but it’s important to stop and pause sometimes to create and cherish new memories with family.

40 Christmas Activities For the Family

1. Make Christmas cookies
2. Volunteer at a shelter
3. Watch classic holiday movies (then grab this free printable movie trivia!)
4. Play a board game
5. Go ice skating
6. Decorate the tree
7. Make hot cocoa
8. Eat a candy cane (and use up candy canes with these chocolate peppermint dipped marshmallow pops)
9. Write a letter to someone
10. Read “A Christmas Carol
11. Build a snowman
12. Make peppermint bath salts
13. Go sledding
14. Create snow angels
15. Drink eggnog
16. Go thrift shopping
17. DIY something (Pinterest is full of fun Christmas crafts and activities)
18. Create a popcorn garland
19. Watch a classic you’ve never seen
20. Create paper snowflakes
21. Camp in the living room
22. Write a Christmas poem
23. Put together a puzzle
24. Sleep by the fire
25. Have a snowball fight
26. Donate to a toy drive
27. Go skiing
28. Make bread
29. Sing Christmas Carols
30. Have a Christmas karaoke
31. Build a gingerbread house
32. Look at Christmas lights
33. Have a Christmas scavenger hunt
34. Create an ornament
35. Watch family videos
36. Do a random act of kindness
37. Make New Year’s Resolutions
38. Send Christmas cards
39. Camp in the living room
40. Celebrate Christmas!

Download the printable version below! Hang it up on your fridge and check them off as you complete each item! Also, don’t forget to pin it for later!

Grab the freebie here!

I’m interested to hear, what are your favorite holiday memories?


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