35 Activities You Can Do From Home

1. Try a new recipe

2. Swap books/movies/games/magazines with a friend

3. Try that craft you’ve procrastinated

4. Draw (there are tons of cool YouTube tutorials)

5. Paint

6. Have a digital Netflix watch party

7. Plan a garden

8. Workout

9. Learn a new language (I’m learning Spanish with Duolingo. Here are some tips and resources I’ve used.)

10. Start a jigsaw puzzle

11. Play board games (Monopoly, anyone?)

12. Have an indoor photoshoot

13. Try a new hobby (woodworking, makeup, etc.)

14. Play an instrument

15. DIY spa

16. Binge watch a new show

17. Learn something on YouTube

18. Watch the most-watched Ted Talks (they’re great!)

19. Wired has a series of fun videos where experts break down clips from famous movies, like a lawyer watching courtroom scenes, a forensic examiner watching crime clips, a pro chef watching cooking scenes, or Bear Grylls watching survival scenes.

20. Start a journal

21. Start a scrapbook

22. Cook

23. Plan freezer meals

24. Have a spa night

25. Redecorate/reorganize

26. Declutter

27. Write a song or poem

28. Organize your finances

29. Start a budget

30. Read

31. Try brain teasers

32. Write letters of appreciation

33. Build a playlist

34. Create a bucket list

35. Go on a walk/hike

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