30 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks

Deep cleaning can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s 30 lazy girl cleaning hacks for when you need to deep clean, but don’t have the time or motivation.
Deep cleaning can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be. Here's 30 lazy girl cleaning hacks for when you need to deep clean, but don't have the time or motivation.

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I’m one of those people who like organizing, but can never seem to keep things organized!
If you are a neat freak, you’ve probably been looking forward to spring cleaning all year, or maybe you’re just looking for some new tips to finally get your home tidy. These 30 lazy girl cleaning hacks will have your home spic and span in no time, so grab your cleaning supplies and let’s get started.

30 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks

1. Clean Your Glass Stove Top

Have you ever caught yourself wondering how on earth to get your stovetop to shine? Here is a super quick and easy way to get your glass stovetop to shine, that only takes three ingredients!

2. Clean Grease Stains Off The Cabinets

Grime can damage your wooden cabinets if left unattended for long periods of time. All you need is some baking soda, Dawn dish detergent, and vinegar to get the job done. Clean grease off your cabinets with this step-by-step tutorial. (PS Vinegar is one of the world’s best kept secrets for cleaning that every lazy girl should know about)

3. Remove Gunk From Your Toaster

Did you know that all it takes to remove all the gunk from your toaster is cream of tartar and water? Make your toaster shine with this awesome cleaning tip.

4. Remove Garbage Disposal Odors

Is your garbage disposal starting to smell? Take care of even the toughest odors with these DIY Garbage Disposal cubes.

5. Get Rid of Water Spots and Stains from Upholstery

Have your car seats seen better days? You can remove water spots and stains from upholstery with club soda, white vinegar, and Dawn dish soap in just a few minutes!

6. Make Your Glass Shower Door Shine

Water and soap can build up in no time in your shower. Give it a good clean using a magic eraser to get the job done!

7. Clean Your Vacuum Filter

Have you ever actually cleaned your vacuum cleaner? If the answer is no, it’s long overdue! You can easily clean your vacuum filter using this simple trick.

8. Clean Your Blinds

Did you know you can clean your blinds with just a pair of tongs and a microfiber cloth? It’s really that easy.

9. Give Your Shower/Tub a Scrub

This is by far the best way I’ve seen to clean a shower! Fill a dish wand with dawn and vinegar and make your shower sparkle in just minutes!

10. Give Your Faucets a Good Clean

The faucet is often neglected when it comes to getting a good cleaning. Give yours a good shine by rubbing wax paper over the top. 

11. Clean Window Tracks

When was the last time you gave your window tracks a clean? Use an old toothbrush, baking soda, vinegar, and a butter knife and give these window tracks a good clean

12. Clean Your Top-Loading Washing Machine

You only need to clean your washing machine a few times a year, but make sure you do it more often if your clothes start to get a musty smell. Here’s the perfect thing to clean your top-loading washing machine.

13. Sanitize Your Toilet Brush Holder

Keep your toilet brush holder from getting gross by pouring a small amount of disinfectant into your toilet brush holder.

14. Remove Buildup from Your Shower Head

The best way to remove build-up from your shower head is by pouring white distilled vinegar into a bag and placing it around your shower head overnight. In the morning, it’ll be good as new!

15. Microwave Your Sponge to Disinfect and Clean the Microwave

Did you know you can clean your sponge by baking it in the microwave? Microwave on high for one minute. The water from the sponge is released, and moistens the dried food in your microwave, making cleaning a breeze!

16. Use Grapefruit and Salt to Remove Soap Scum
Do you have soap scum build-up? A great way to remove soap scum is by using a halved grapefruit and some salt.

17. Attach a Microfiber Cloth around a Broom to Clean Difficult Areas

An easy way to reach high and hard-to-get places, attach a microfiber cloth to a broom using a rubber band. You’ll be able to dust floors, furniture, and even the top of the windows.

18. Keep Your Sponges Smelling Fresh

Keep your sponges smelling fresh by soaking them in lavender.

19. Use Canned Air to Dust Bathroom Exhaust Fans

What better way to reach tight spaces than with canned air! Using canned air, you can get rid of these dusty spaces in no time.

20. Dust Your Bulbs for More Light

Don’t forget your light bulbs when you’re dusting! Dusty light bulbs create dim lighting when they are dirty. Keep them shining bright by dusting them.

21. Make Your Cutting Boards like New

Make your cutting boards look like new by soaking a sponge in a mixture of lemon juice and salt and using it to clean the board.

22. Make Your Copper Pots New Again

Help your copper pots look brand new by using salt and vinegar. Simply sprinkle the surface with salt, and pour a little vinegar over them. Give them a hard scrub, and your pots will look like brand new.

23. Dry Clean From Home

Grab Woolite’s dry cleaning sheets, saving you money and a trip to the dry cleaners.

24. Remove Burnt Fat from Baking Trays

Did you know you can get rid of burnt fat from your baking trays in just 30 minutes? Using this hydrogen peroxide and soda paste, you can make your baking trays shine again.

25. Remove Stubborn Carpet Stains

To get rid of stubborn carpet stains, use one part vinegar and two parts water to remove the stain.

26. Clean Bathroom Tiles

Have you ever noticed how dirty the grout between the tiles can get? Using a 1:1 ratio of water and bleach you can easily clean those tiles in no time.

27. Make Your Sneakers White Again

Make your sneakers shine white like when you first bought them by using vinegar and baking soda.

28. Make Your Leather Purse Like New Again

Make your leather bag like new again by using wet wipes to clean up jean stains.

29. Restore Your Towels to their Fluffy Glory

Make your towels fluffy again by rinsing them in salt water after washing, your towels will stay like new longer if you dry them in well-ventilated rooms or outdoors.

30. Clean Inside the Oven Window

Did you think the oven glass was off-limits for cleaning? Guess again! Here is a simple tutorial for how to clean between the oven glass.

31. Get Rid of Scratches on Plates

To remove scratches from plates, use a porcelain polish to do the trick.

What are your top favorite cleaning hacks?

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