30+ Hands-on Ways To Teach Fractions

Teaching fractions can sometimes be frustrating. Try these 30+ hands-on activities to teach fractions to make learning a breeze.

Are fractions a hit or a miss in your house? They can be really frustrating to learn, and new terms like “denominators” and “numerators” can get confusing! Bring visuals to fractions with these 30+ hands-on fraction activities!

Hands-on Ways to Teach Fractions

Printable Fraction Flowers – Teach Beside Me
Use paper plates to create flowers from fractions! The options are endless with this idea.

Equivalent Fractions “Spoons” Game – Games 4 Gains
Turn the game of spoons into a math lesson! Teach fractions with the classic game of “spoons.”

Free Back to School Comparing Fractions – 123 Homeschool 4 Me
Print these printables in color or black and white. These can help reinforce the idea of comparing fractions, such as how 1/2 is equal to two 1/4’s.

Oreo Cookie Fractions with Free Fraction Mats – Creative, Clever and Classy
Use Oreos and these free fraction math mats to easily teach fractions. Match the frosting with the Oreo pattern on the mat. Who knew fractions could be so yummy?

Free Adding Fractions Puzzles – You’ve Got This Math
This public school teacher turned homeschool mama has created these fraction addition puzzles, so 1/3 added to 2/3 equals 3/3!

Free Fraction Flip Book – Mr. Mault’s Marketplace
Use this free printable to make your own fraction flip books! It has six levels, starting at 1/2 and ending with 1/12.

Fraction Game with Connect Four – No Time For Flash Cards
Have an old copy of Connect Four around? Use it to learn fractions.

Simple, Low-Prep Equivalent Fractions Game – Math Geek Mama
There are three free fraction games included in this pack. Help kids get used to fractions through a little competitive play.

Learning Fractions At Lunch – Kids Activities Blog
Food is one of the best ways to teach fractions! Incorporate fractions into lunchtime sandwiches.

Fraction, Decimal, and Percentages Caps – Ms. Math Madness
With some old plastic bottle caps, match up fractions with their equivalent decimals and percentages.

Fractions Bowling Game – Miss Giraffe’s Class
Get up and start bowling! Bowling is an easy, practical way to practice fractions.

LEGO Fraction Games – JDaniel4’s Mom
Pull out the LEGOs for this fraction activity!
Fraction Circle Art – We Are Teachers
Math and art are not completely separate. Combine the two with this fraction art project.

Yummy Fraction Freebies – Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten
With cookies and pizza, learn fractions with these different activities.

Fractions and Multiplication Cootie Catchers – Kids Activities Blog
Create cootie catchers…math style! Use them to teach fractions and multiplication.

Free No-Prep Fraction Game – The Elementary Math Maniac
This activity is designed for fifth grade fractions, but can be edited for higher or lower grades. The kids won’t even know they’re learning!

Apple Fractions Math with Free Printable – Little Bins for Little Hands
Cut apart apples for this edible fraction activity.

Free Fraction Board Game – 123 Homeschool 4 Me
The goal of this game is to create fractions in their lowest form. Practice greatest common factors.

Comparing Fractions with Play Dough – Flap Jack Educational Resources
Easily practice comparing fractions with play dough. Play dough is great for easily molding and fixing mistakes.

Fraction Math Trees – Teach Beside Me
Turn the whole into smaller pieces with this fraction math tree!

Division Bingo: Answers as Fractions – Math Geek Mama
This Bingo variation is simple and fun! For kids who love a challenge, use this game to practice the relationship between division and fractions.

Pumpkin Pie Fraction Math – Creative Family Fun
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, turn that pumpkin pie into a fraction lesson.

DIY Pool Noodle Fraction Manipulatives – A Few Shortcuts
Cut apart some cheap pool noodles for brightly colored manipulatives that kids will love!

Free Fraction Bingo Game – School Time Snippets
Practice fractions with this free printable Bingo game. Make use of the terms “numerator” and “denominator.” You’ll need a set of dice for this game.

Capture The Fraction! Comparing Fractions Game – Education
With a deck of cards, compare fractions to see which fraction is bigger. This activity is great for reinforcing mixed numbers and works well for moderate/advanced fraction learners.

Spring Flower Fractions – Carrots Are Orange
Color in these pretty flower petals, and use it to practice fractions!

Cookie Fractions – What We Do All Day
Teach fractions with cookies! Use cookies of different shapes and sizes, to teach how fractions can be with different shapes.

Fraction Sundaes – Avah Ham
Make multicolored sundaes out of construction paper, and learn about fractions!

Flower Fractions Code Breaker – Royal Baloo
Solve these hidden messages with this fraction activity, great for future spies and code-breakers!

Fraction Newspaper Dancing – Mrs. King’s Music Class
Get kids up and moving with this dancing game with brilliant newspapers and fractions!

Fraction Pictionary – Oregon Department of Education
Divide kids into teams for this fraction version of the visual drawing game Pictionary.

Candy Corn Fractions – Teach Beside Me
Paint and cut up paper plates to teach kids fractions – candy corn style.

Fractions have so many uses in our everyday lives, and *is* one of those math things that you’ll probably need to know later in life. Enjoy these fraction activities to make fractions memorable and exciting!

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