25 Words to Use More Often

1. Archaic

Definition: very old or old fashioned

Example: Record players are archaic!

2. Zephyr (noun)

Definition: a soft gentle breeze

Example: There was a nice zephyr outside today.

3. Quiescent

Definition: peacefulness, dormant, inactive

Example: It is nice to have a quiescent day to spend with friends and family.

4. Plethora

Definition: excess, a large amount

Example: The young girl has a plethora of pebbles in her collections.

5. Degust

Definition: to eat slowly to appreciate the taste

Example: Mary degusted the incredible chocolate cake from grandma’s secret recipe.

6. Poignant

Definition: touching and moving

Example: The Pursuit of Happyness is a memorable and poignant movie.

7. Abate

Definition: to become smaller

Example: It seemed that over time, the wins of the football team began to abate.

8. Sycophant

Definition: a person who flatters to gain personal favors

Example: We all become sycophants when a cop pulls us over for a speeding ticket!

9. Ravenous

Definition: extremely hungry

Example: Goldilocks was ravenous, but she could not eat the first two bowls of porridge!

10. Defunct

Definition: no longer existing or functioning

Example: Funky music, hair, and clothes from the 1970s are now defunct!

11. Munificence

Definition: being extremely generous, the quality of being lavishly generous

Example: The king’s munificence helped feed thousands of the poor, starving villagers.

12. Alacritious

Definition: brisk or lively

Example: The alacritous young boy jumped into a pile of leaves.

13. Magnanimous

Definition: very generous or forgiving

Example: Despite their struggles, the couple was magnanimous and had a long and happy marriage.

14. Cachinnating

Definition: to laugh loudly

Example: Olivia and Alyssa were up cachinnating long past their bedtime.

15. Obsolete

Definition: no longer used

Example: Technology can quickly become obsolete as newer technology comes out.

16. Polychromatic

Definition: multicolored, showing a variety or change of color

Example: The beautiful painting was polychromatic.

17. Albeit

Definition: although

Example: Tom began painting the fence, albeit with a grumpy attitude.

18. Incandescent

Definition: giving off light after being heated, someone brilliant

Example: The incandescent lightbulb shone brightly in the whole room.

19. Banal

Definition: boring and lacking in originality

Example: That new pop song is so banal!

20. Altercation

Definition: a loud argument or fight in public

Example: Feathers littered the ground after a heated altercation between the two pigeons. 

21. Amalgamation

Definition: coming together and uniting

Example: The artist used an amalgamation of recycled materials to create thought-provoking sculptures. 

22. Zenith

Definition: the point in the sky directly overhead, the peak of something

Example: Make sure to wear sunscreen outside, especially during the hours that the sun is at its zenith. 

23. Sanguine

Definition: optimistic and hopeful

Example: He is sanguine about the potential for his newest business idea. 

24. Jocular

Definition: humorous and joking

Example: I don’t think mom was mad, she sounded jocular on the phone. 

25. Cacophony

Definition: a mixture of unharmonious sounds occurring at the same time 

Example: The cacophony of dogs barking at the moon kept me up all last night!

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