25+ Hands-on Ways to Learn with LEGOs

Learn with LEGOs with this variety of hands-on activities including math, science, reading, and more! Opportunities are endless for engaged learning.

Learn with LEGOs with this variety of hands-on activities including math, science, reading, and more! Opportunities are endless for engaged learning.

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Some kids learn better when they have something to visualize! Still others just learn better with LEGOs in their hands. From insect anatomy to spelling words, check out these great ideas to get kids learning – with LEGOs!

25+ Hands-on Ways to Learn with LEGOs

Lego STEM Challenge Cards – Life Over C’s 
Use these challenge cards to help with STEM skills!

DIY Spinny Spellers – Filth Wizardry 
Use Duplo blocks to spell out words!

Lego Math: Skip Counting – Kids Activities Blog
Skip counting is one of those tools you continue to use in your everyday life. Learn skip counting with the help of LEGOs!

Lego Syllables – Rainy Day Mum
Use LEGOs to divide syllables! You can also expand this to practice word families and beginning sounds.

Lego Solar System – Kitchen Counter Chronicles
Build our solar system out of LEGOs. Recreate the sun and planets with the appropriate distance from the sun.

Multiplication with Legos – Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls
Use LEGOs to teach the power of multiplication!

Lego Sight Word Towers – Fun Learning for Kids
Use Duplo blocks to create towers with rhyming sight words!

Lego Word Family Sorting – This Reading Mama
For young readers, use LEGOs to practice word family sorting.

Learning About Fractions with Legos – And Next Comes L
Have a ton of LEGOs laying around? Grab a Sharpie and teach about fractions!

Lego Addition Cards – Playdough to Plato
Great for early elementary students, teach addition (incorporate fractions for older students) with these free addition cards.

Lego Geometry – E is for Explore
Use LEGOs to teach area and perimeter.

Lego Math Game (Greater than, less than) – One Perfect Day 
Make little “greater than, less than” symbols with this visual LEGO idea.

Compound Words with Legos – 123 Homeschool 4 Me
Write letters on each Lego brick and use them to spell a multitude of words!

Lego Place Value – Royal Baloo
Put those little LEGO bricks to use and teach place value!

Lego Symmetry Cards – Mom Bricks
Practice symmetry with these LEGO cards. (This site is in Spanish, but will be automatically translated into English on some Internet browsers.)

Lego Insect Anatomy – Stir the Wonder
Learn the anatomy of insects through LEGOs!

Creative Writing with Legos – Encouraging Moms at Home
Let your imagination run wild when you combine creative writing and LEGOs!

Lego Geography – Homegrown Learners
Use LEGOs to learn more about geography.

Lego Water Cycle – Edventures with Kids
Learn about the water cycle the hands-on way. Learn about precipitation, evaporation, and condensation; the three main cycles of the water cycle.

Lego Chemical Reactions – How to Smile
Use LEGOs to represent atoms bonding and create chemical reactions!

Lego Graph Lesson – JDaniel4’s Mom
Graph different colored LEGOs with this visual activity! You can also use it to teach fractions.

Counting by Tens with Legos – Joy in the Home
Practice skip counting and multiplication with LEGOs.

Lego Tower Subtraction Race – The Kindergarten Connection 
Have 2+ students? Practice subtraction with a little competitive edge in this subtraction tower.

Lego Soil Layers – Little Bins for Little Hands
Use Legos to creatively teach the layers of the soil! This would make an excellent hands-on addition to a unit study on soil and the layers of the earth.

Teach Ratio with Legos – The Tutor Coach
Give a hands-on visual to ratio with LEGOs in this math activity.

Lego Inspired Writing – The Book Chook
Encourage literacy, with LEGOs! Use this mom’s fun ideas for combining the two.

Double Digit Addition and Subtraction – Real Life at Home
Sometimes kids just learn and remember better with visuals. Show adding and subtracting double digits, with LEGOs!

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