25 Ways to Go Paperless and Use Less Waste

Whether you’re trying to save money or the environment, try these 25 tips to go paperless and use less waste!

Whether you're trying to save money or the environment, try these 25 tips to go paperless and use less waste!

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25 Ways to Go Paperless and Use Less Waste

1. Use cloth towels instead of paper towels

“Unpaper towels” have saved us hundreds of dollars on paper towels. We’ve been paper towel free for about 4 years and have never missed them! Etsy has a ton of great options, or you can find some old dish towels at Goodwill and use them strictly as paper towels. We have ours in a basket by our sink.

2. Use cloth napkins

Cloth napkins are the perfect way to get started going paperless. They don’t create much extra laundry, and have saved us hundreds if not thousands of dollars, considering we often just wipe our mouth once with a napkin before throwing it away. Plus, they can be bright and colorful!

3. Put your grocery list on your phone

4. Use reusable sandwich bags

Cloth sandwich bags are ridiculously handy. We wipe ours out and can get a few uses out of them before having to throw them in the laundry.

5. Get reusable plates/silverware

Even when we travel, we try to pack reusable to save money and reduce waste.

6. Use plastic containers instead of plastic wrap

Tupperware always has good options. If you’re looking for something less expensive, I’ve enjoyed my Rubbermaid food storage containers.

7. Use cloth shopping bags

These bags are handy and reduce waste.

8. Use reusable k-cup coffee filters

Grab them on Amazon.

9. Use reusable straws

10. Use a lunch box instead of a brown bag

11. Get (and use!) a water bottle

I absolutely love my Alex water bottle, which comes apart into two to make cleaning easier. S’well also has great quality stainless steel water bottles.

12. Use flannel instead of tissues

13. Get reusable menstrual products

SO many women think their only options for that time of the month are pads or tampons. Try a menstrual cup (which you can wear all day) or cloth pads. (If that sounds too much, try cloth panty liners – they feel just like undies.) Plus, they’re much better for your body!

14. Use cloth diapers

These cloth diapers are washable and come in a variety of colors and prints.

15. Use reusable disinfectant wipes

Use rags and use them with a disinfectant spray instead!

16. Use the Makeup Eraser instead of makeup remover wipes

I love my reusable Makeup Eraser – which eliminates the need for cotton balls and makeup remover, or makeup remover wipes.

17. Use a mini whiteboard instead of sticky notes

Stick a mini whiteboard by the desk for an easy reminder.

18. Use reusable dryer balls

Instead of dryer sheets, opt for wool dryer balls. You can add some essential oils for a great scent.

19. Get reusable mop covers

Find some on Amazon.

20. Get a scanner

Decrease clutter (and the need for clutter) with a scanner.

21. Use plastic grocery bags for trash bags

If you do have a bunch of plastic grocery bags, use these as trash bags. It can help reduce the need for actual trash bags.

22. Request paperless statements

Most of my billing statements are digital, so there’s no need for a ton of paper.

23. Recycle old papers/junk mail
Reducing, reusing, and recycling are a great way to dispose of paper properly when you have to use it!

24. Use reusable cloth gift wrap

Christmas is coming up. Get reusable cloth gift wrap instead of throwing away wrapping paper!

25. Buy in bulk when you can (less packaging)

When possible, especially for items that don’t expire quickly or that you use often, opt for buying in bulk! This creates less packaging and therefore, less waste.

26. Use plastic product packaging for dog poo.

I live in an apartment complex and must pick up my dog’s poo immediately. I use product packaging, mainly from food (ie bread bags, chip bags, etc.) that isn’t recyclable and that I’d be throwing away anyways. I no longer have to buy doggy poop bags which helps me save money too!

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