25 U.S. Government Books for Kids

Learn more about the American government with these US Government books for kids. Study our nation’s history, politics, and constitution!

25 U.S. Government Books for Kids

Learn more about the American government with these US Government books for kids. Study our nation's history, politics, and constitution!

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25 U.S. Government Books for Kids

In today’s world, I believe it’s so important for kids to know their rights as American citizens and to understand how America was founded.

We the Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States – David Catrow

This creative book that helps kids understand what the constitution is, but in a fun way. Laugh along to this story of what exactly our constitution says!

Know Your Rights!: A Modern Kid’s Guide to the American Constitution – Laura Barcella

This book introduces kids to the U.S constitution in a simple way that they can truly understand its importance. Not only does it make the constitution easy to understand, but it also introduces kids to the founding fathers who helped put it together. 

C is for the Constitution – Baby Professor 

Go through this picture book with your kids and introduce them not only to the constitution but the need for the constitution. Discover why we needed the constitution then and why we still need it today.

Constitution Translated for Kids – Cathy Travis

Another book further explaining what the constitution is so that kids can understand the historic document. This is a simple translation that focuses on the statements within the constitution and what they really mean.

A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution – Betsy and Giulio Maestro

Betsy’s book goes into why the constitution was drafted in the first place as well as how it came to be. Not only is this a retelling of these events, but this book also includes a map and summary table. 

Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution – Jean Fritz and Tomie dePoala 

This children’s book about the constitution goes more into how it came together. Read this story of how the document was drafted with the kids to give them a deeper understanding of our government!

When You Grow Up to Vote: How Our Government Works for You – Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt, one of the most well-known first ladies in history shares her perspective on how the people in government work the voters. Her book dives into each government position starting with the local government and moving up to the national level. 

We the People: The Story of our Constitution – Lynne Cheney

This book, written by the wife of former vice president, Dick Cheney, is a retelling of the independence our country fought for and the organization that went into that newly found freedom. She tells of the founding fathers getting together in order to create the constitution and create an organized country.

One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote – Bonnie Worth

This book is a simple and fun reading for kids, but one that dives into important information. It tells of how votes matter and what the American presidency even means to our country. 

A Kid’s Guide to America’s Bill of Rights – Kathleen Krull

A Kid’s Guide to America’s Bill of Rights is an engaging and non-complicated explanation of the Bill of Rights. It explains each amendment simply and with lots of relevant examples, especially for kids. I am more centrist/libertarian-leaning towards conservatism and love unbiased outlooks, and Krull’s more liberal bias was evident in several places, so that’s something to note. I think this would have been easily curbed with multiple authors since there’s so much good information in this book.

The suggested age range is 8-12, but I’d recommend it for 11-18 since the book brings up several difficult subjects including the death penalty, rape, abortion, specific tortures, and pornography. I’d still recommend it for mature students since it’s a great guide with some discernment involved.

See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and Race to the White House – Susan E. Goodman

Talk through the presidential process with your kids as well as other steps in government. This book tells of how our votes make a difference in our country’s big decisions. 

How Does the US Government Work? – Universal Politics

This book introduces kids to the process of governmental positions. It also tells of how the government functions and keeps up with the demands of the country. This book is an informational one for the kids who crave facts. 

What Can a Citizen Do? – Dave Eggers

This book dives into our roles, as citizens within the government. It focuses on what it means to be a citizen and what that affects. 

What Are the Three Branches of the Government?: And Other Questions About the U.S Constitution – Ben Richmond

This children’s book dives into the parts of our government. It tells of how each one functions and what that means when they all work together. 

The Bill of Rights: Protecting Our Freedom Then and Now – Syl Sobel J.D

Syl writes about the Bill of Rights and how they came to be. This book discusses the citizen’s concern for the future of their country and how the amendments came from some of that worry. 

We the People: The Constitution of the United States – Peter Spier

Not only does this book provide kids with information on the constitution, but also the complete text of the document within it. Teach your little ones all about the historic document and then go over it together to learn even more.

What’s the Big Deal About Elections – Ruby Shamir

This book teaches children just how important our country’s elections are. It also reminds us of how important our individual votes are. 

Everyone Counts: A Citizens’ Number Book (America by the Numbers) – Elissa D. Grodin

Learn about our government with the help of numbers. This book provides facts about our nation as well as an easy way to memorize them!

Constitutional Law for Kids: Discovering the Rights and Privileges Granted by the U.S Constitution – Ursula Furi-Perry

This is a book for somewhat older kids but is an important one to read along with them. Talk about the laws within our constitution and why they’re so important to our country with your children.

D is for Democracy: A Citizen’s Alphabet – Elissa D. Grodin

After you’ve gone through the government based on numbers, go through it with the help of the alphabet. Not only is the present government discussed, but the early stages of it as well.

What Does the US President Do? – Baby Professor

Discover what the American presidency means for citizens and to the president himself. Read along and learn facts about what the president does within our government. 

Government for Kids: Citizenship to Governance – Baby Professor

Walk through what it means to be a citizen in relation to our country’s government. This book is full of facts that kids will carry with them even after they put the book down.

The U.S Constitution (American Symbols) – Norman Pearl 

Talk about the U.S constitution as a symbol for our country and dive into what it really means for us with the help of this book. Follow along to read about the contents of the document as well. 

If You Were There When They Signed the U.S Constitution – Elizabeth Levy

Hear about what happened in the summer of 1787 as if you were actually there. This picture book goes into what it may have looked like and the impact that summer now has on our country. 

The U.S Congress for Kids – Ronald A. Reis

Learn about what Congress is within the government and how it functions. This book shares facts about this piece of the government and what it means for citizens. 

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