24 Christmas Random Acts of Kindness Free Printable

Looking for some great ways to encourage your family to focus on kindness in the days leading up to Christmas? Use these random acts of kindness cards to help! There’s one for every day of the month until Christmas day, so go ahead and download this file, print them out, cut the cards, and put them in a spare jar. Each day, open the jar and choose one of the cards at random. Then challenge your family to fulfill the challenge on the card that day. By the time Christmas comes, you will have ushered in the Christmas spirit in the best of ways! These cards include ideas for kindness in your own home as well as kindness to our local heroes, strangers, and those with less resources than us. What better way could there be to celebrate Christmas? 

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  • Create care packages
  • Help someone wrap presents
  • Bake cookies for police/firefighters
  • Pay for someone’s drink behind you
  • Build a bird house
  • Shovel snow for a neighbor
  • Help out your local animal shelter
  • Pick up litter around the neighborhood
  • Make blankets for shelters
  • Leave kind notes in library books
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Collect and donate hats or mittens
  • Shovel snow off people’s cars
  • Volunteer at a local non-profit
  • Give out $1 bills at the dollar store
  • Write thank-you notes to your favorite people
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line
  • Donate old clothes to a foster care group
  • Support a local artist, business, or organization
  • Do a new chore or a sibling’s chore

Grab the free download here!

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