21 Things I’ve Learned From 21

1. Get a dog. It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

2. The Spanish language isn’t as easy as everyone says.

3. 2 days is not enough to sightsee in Washington DC.

Last October I visited Washington DC for the first time. Unfortunately, during the whole trip (and beyond), I was super sick, and the one thing I wanted to do (visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) wasn’t possible because of some weird circumstances. I so hope to visit in the future!

4. Grad school can be a lot more enjoyable than undergrad if you enjoy your major.

5. Don’t take good friends for granted.

Like the type that won’t judge you (much) when you lose your car. 

6. When you park your car, you can pin your location in Apple Maps.

7. Take advantage of opportunities when you have them because you never know when they’ll be gone.

As a local titleholder in the Miss America Organization, I receive so many different opportunities and try to take advantage of all of the ones I can!

8. Growing a business is just as hard, if not more hard, than starting one.

9. Being a college graduate doesn’t automatically make you a good cook. (Maybe skip college and go to culinary school.)

10. Nashville has cool wall murals and most of the restaurants seemed really tiny.

11. Getting a trademark takes a LONG time.

But it’s worth it!

12. Sometimes you work hard for things that don’t happen. That’s okay.

13. If you spend all of your time trying to please other people, you’ll just end up making yourself miserable.

14. Trying something new can be scary at first, but it gets easier. And don’t be afraid to fail.

I loved meeting Connie Albers, Crystal Paine (The Money Saving Mom), and Sabrina Justison! I was so sick during the full trip but had great a time.

15. Being able to order in a different language or understand people at the store talking in a different language is cool. (this never happened when I learned Hebrew haha)

Ordering ice cream in Spanish!

16. Pandemics are awful.

17. Election years are worse.

18. Going viral ends as quickly as it begins. Take advantage of it!

Here is one of the many amusing messages I received during my viral post.

19. If you get a chance to meet one of your favorite people, don’t freak out.

I met a lot of great people in the past 365 days who I’ve been dying to meet for years. But when I met my favorite author, Tricia Goyer, I had a huge crazy fan-girl moment.

20. PRK eye surgery takes a lot longer for your eyes to heal than Lasik. (everyone says it should be worth it…)

My vision is still blurry as I write this.

21. Things don’t always go as planned. Cry about it and pick yourself up.

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