20+ Apps to Help Teach Music

Music is one of my favorite parts of life. Here are some music apps for kids that help teach music, musical theory, and the basics of instruments such as piano and guitar!

20+ Apps to Teach Music: Music Apps for Kids

  1. Perfect Piano

This app can be simulated on Android phones and tablets. It is a perfect app for teaching beginners piano.

  1. 123 Kids Fun Music

Kids have fun as they learn interesting music through this app. Let them learn numbers as they make some music in the process.

  1. Violin Lessons

This is for the kids who are interested in learning the violin.

  1. Piano Lesson Piano man

Learn piano the right way through this app. It has short, fun, and easy-to-follow lessons to enable one to learn piano pretty fast.

  1. Tap Studio 3

Create, play and share song taps for all the popular artists with your own songs or download them online.

  1. GuitarGuru Technique

Play what you see and hear in the video and become familiar with various forms of instruments that are accessible through this app.

  1. My Baby Piano

This beginner piano app is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and grades 1-3.

  1. Garage Band

This Apple app comes with a recording studio to let imaginations run wild with music! It features multi-touch for the piano, organ, guitar, and drums.

  1. Musical Me

This $1.99 Apple app has a free and lite version. Designed for ages 2-6, it teaches notes, rhythm, and pitch.

  1. Tozzle Puzzle lite

Let your kids learn music as they solve puzzles in this app designed for toddlers. It has a free and paid version.

  1. Theory Lessons

This Apple app is $2.99 and has 39 music theory lessons. Learn scales, and ledger lines with this app, great for a variety of ages.

  1. Smart Chords and Tools

This is a simple, easy and fun-to-use app specifically designed to allow you to pick different kinds of chords and tools.

  1. Tuner and Metronome

This is an app that is designed by musicians to enable delivery of the perfect music experience. This is for the kids who want to take their music lessons and experience to the next level.

  1. Real Drum: The Best Drum Pads Simulator

Learn how to beat drums like a pro from this simulator from Google Play. Works with android.

  1. BEAT MP3: Rhythm Game

Teach kids how to create perfect harmony and rhythm in music throughout this app.

  1. Songsterr

This Google Play app contains over 500,000 high-quality chords that are all designed to make your kids have the best musical experience possible.

  1. Learn Guitar Chords: Tutor lessons

This app is suitable for beginner and intermediate levels. It is designed to help them learn all there is to know about guitar chords. With each lesson, the kids will be able to replicate right there on the screen and be able to produce different forms of sounds. The lessons are fun, allowing for quick learning.

  1. Ultimate Guitar: Chords and tabs

It has the largest catalog of chords, guitars, and ukulele to help your kid get lyrical while learning as much as possible about their favorite musical instruments.

  1. Guitar Heroes

This app allows you to upload and mash up your own songs, creating something great in the process.

  1. Walk Band

This is a music studio where kids can mix songs and learn about guitars and other different equipment.
21. Metronome
I use this metronome to keep time while practicing piano. It has multiple different features for keeping time.

What are your favorite music apps?

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