18 Reasons to Support Small Businesses

Why should you support a small business? Here are 18 great reasons, plus some tips on how you can support local businesses.

As a small business owner, I LOVE supporting other small business owners. Starting my own business would never have been possible without customers!
Shopping small this holiday season is a great way to support your community and support an individual or family, instead of a wealthy billion-dollar business.
Whether it’s your neighbor’s Etsy shop or the mom-and-pop diner, support small business! Here are 18 reasons why supporting small businesses is amazing.

18 Reasons to Support Small Business

  1. You’re supporting someone’s dream.

2. You make a real small business owner smile.
3. Your money stays local and helps the local economy.
4. Your options are more personalized and customizable.
5. Small businesses have better customer service!
6. You’re supporting an individual instead of a wealthy CEO.
7. Your money is making a difference! You’re helping pay for a young girl’s dance lessons, a mom put food on the table, or a hard-working family’s vacation instead of a new sports car and third vacation home for a CEO.
8. You’re supporting someone’s craft and talent.
9. It’s a great way to help out a friend.
10. Products are often more quality. I know many talented artisans who hand-make their lovely products. Every small business owner I’ve met wants their product or service to be the best and will work hard to achieve that.
11. You help boost entrepreneurship and creativity. From Facebook to the iPhone, creative entrepreneurs have shaped our world. By supporting a small business, you’re encouraging local entrepreneurs to help your community!
12. Local businesses are unique – you can’t find that bakery just anywhere.
13. They’re a great way to support your community members.
14. Your money impacts a family, not a billion-dollar corporation. Even though products might be more expensive than mass produced items, you’re paying for the time and effort it took to bring the item to life.
15. Small businesses are more likely to give back to the community.
16. Small businesses help create more jobs and opportunities within the community.
17. By supporting small businesses, you can build community support by getting others excited about small biz.
18. Small businesses have a healthier impact on the environment than their larger counterparts.

Where can I look for small businesses?

1. Etsy
Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop and many people on the site are small business owners. Get customized mugs, t-shirts, jewelry, wall decor, and more!
2. Craft shows
Craft shows will feature local artisans. Some are nicer than others – typically bigger ones are nicer. I’ve often gotten great jewelry from craft shows.
It’s also possible to support a small business without purchasing from them. Spread the word about their great products and services, or engage with them on social media.
3. Eat local
Sometimes supporting small businesses can just mean eating at a family-owned restaurant instead of a chain.
4. Support a local artist’s music
5. Some of my favorite small businesses:
Learn in Color: I’m biased since this is my business! Check out Learn in Color if you’re wanting to make a movie night educational or looking for some handy math cheat sheets to conquer middle school math.
Honey Shea Studios: Honey Shea is a great place to go if you’re looking for dainty jewelry pieces.
This Loves That: This Loves That has adorable little clutches and zipper pouches. I bought a super cute pencil case (this one) and have received so many compliments on it. They’re great for storing pencils, make-up, or for gifts.
Designed by Lei: I fell in love with LeiLei’s story a while back; she started her jewelry business in high school. Since then, she has gained thousands of sells from Etsy and has been featured on Entrepreneur.com and dozens of other blogs and websites.
The Illustrated Life: If you’re looking for a watercolor portrait, check out The Illustrated Life. She also can do custom invitations, holiday gift tags, greeting cards, and gift wrap.

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