11 Christian Picture Books


1. Veggietales Bible Storybook
Featuring 21 Veggietales stories, this kid-friendly storybook Bible covers classic Veggietale stories such as David, Jonah, Daniel, Joshua, and Esther. The stories aren’t that long, and have large text. With vivid pictures, great Bible verses for kids, and fun text, this storybook is appealing for all little kids.
2. The Princess and the Three Nights by Karen Kingsbury
A good book for any little girls you may have. The story tells us about a princess and her father the King. The princess must marry, so the king sends for all eligible knights. He puts them through various tests about their bravery, strength, kindness, courage and most of all, their faith in God. It comes down to three knights. This book has a wonderful “happily ever after” for little girls. It teaches girls how men should treat them and how they should value them.
3. You Are Mine by Max Lucado
If you’ve read any of Max Lucado’s children’s books, then you’ve probably heard of these books about little wooden people called “Wemmicks”, made by their maker Eli, the wood-carver. In this one, the small Punchinello has finally wormed his way into the “good Wemmick” crowd. But not all is at peace in the little village called Wemmicksville. Every has started to collects boxes and balls by the hundreds! They think that whoever has the most boxes and balls is a “good” Wemmick. Now, in his fight to be in the “in-crowd”, Punchinello decides to start following the crowd. He starts to go overboard just to get the mine for more boxes and balls. But when he stumbles into his maker Eli’s shop, he is reminded how unimportant all those boxes and balls are, and how important he is- even if he isn’t called a “good Wemmick”.
Note: this is a series!
4. A Parable About the King by Beth Moore
A princess who is the daughter of the King. What could be better? But when the King commands the princess to pick up her things, she is angry. She dresses in peasant clothes and decides that she is not a princess anymore. In the village, she learns how the village kids live. They play in the mud, they curse and they don’t have to pick up after themselves. Her pleasure is short-lived, as she soon finds out that not everything is as wonderful as she thinks
5. All You Ever Need by Max Lucado
Tobias the “Watermaster” and his son Julian are kind men who give water to everyone. When the Watermaster and Julian temporarily leave, they leave their precious well to the care of their servant Elzevir. All things are well, until Elzevir starts to give water only to the people who he thinks are fit and deserving of it. This is a wonderful book with a great lesson.
6. Just The Way You Are by Max Lucado
Just the Way You Are reassures children that no matter what – no matter if they can’t sing, or can’t dance, God will love them just the way they are. In this story, the king is coming, and everyone must prepare a gift. There is one little girl, however, with no special talent or gift. What will the king think of her?

7. God Gave Us You by Lisa Bergren

The questions always floats in a young childs head. “Where did I come from?” And that’s exactly what a young polar bears asks her mother one night.
8. Because I Love You by Max Lucado
This is about a kind man named Shaddai, who loves and cares for all of the young children in the village. One day, he built a huge stone wall by hand. He explains to the children how on the other side of the wall, there is danger. Now, a young curious boy named Paladin spots a hole and quickly goes to Shaddai. Despite Shaddai’s warnings about going through the hole, Paladin crawls through. This is a good book, a great example of God’s love for us, His children.

9. With You All The Way by Max Lucado
Three knights. One princess. One song. A tale about three knights, all with different strengths, who are to journey to the King’s castle to wed the princess. WARNING(s): On one page in the book, creatures called the “Hopenots” are illustrated. Kids may possibly get scared at the picture.
10. A Blessing From Above by Patti Henderson
Momma-Roo is a young kangaroo who wants a baby to hold and to have. She prays every night to God for one. She is imagining how it would be if she had a child of her own, when a baby blue bird falls into Momma-Roo’s pouch from her nest. The mother bluebird knows that her nest is not big enough for all of her babies, so she lets the baby bluebird, in the book called “Little One”, stay with Momma-Roo. A great book for little kids.
11. Hermie: A Common Caterpillar by Max Lucado
Hermie isn’t special. He’s just average. Why couldn’t God have made him with spots, stripes, or just something not-average? This is a story that tells about God’s love – and how God made each and everyone special.

What are some of your favorite Christian picture books?

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