Wonder Novel Study With Worksheets

Learn about Wonder by R. J. Palacio with this Wonder Novel Study, with worksheets on comprehension, literary elements, and more.
Learn about Wonder by R. J. Palacio with this Wonder Book Study, with worksheets on comprehension, literary elements, and more.
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One of my favorite movies is the Hallmark Hall of Fame film Front of the Class, the true story of a man who overcomes Tourette’s syndrome to pursue his dream as a teacher. Like that inspiring story, Wonder forces both kids and adults alike to think about being intentionally kind with our words and actions.
In the story, 10 year old August has a severe facial physical deformity. Because of dozens of surgeries, he has been homeschooled his whole life. Now, with his surgeries behind him, August, or Auggie as he likes to be called, faces his next hurdle: middle school.
Through the new world of middle school, Auggie makes friends and encounters bullies, but ultimately learns to conquer his fears and challenges.

Wonder is being made into a movie! Check out the trailer below.

Wonder Novel Study Worksheets and Lesson Plans

Wonder is written from the perspective of multiple characters, making it more interesting to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” It is filled with valuable life lessons, and a rich writing style.
This book study includes:

  • Information about the book
  • Discussion Questions
  • Walking in Another Person’s Shoes (character analysis)
  • Who is August Pullman? (character analysis of Auggie)
  • Vocabulary Words Worksheet
  • Figurative Language
  • Kindness and Bullying in the Bible (can be skipped for a secular perspective)
  • Answer Key for Figurative Language

This study is designed to help students use critical thinking skills to examine the novel, and hopefully examine their own lives. You can use it in a homeschool/private school setting, or a public school setting.
There are 5 pages of worksheets that can be used for a five day unit study, as well as an additional Bible lesson page relating Bible stories on kindness and bullying to Wonder.

What are you waiting for? Explore one boy’s wondrous story with this study guide! Grab it in my store or at Teachers Pay Teachers.


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