Meet the Robinsons Movie Study

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Meet the Robinsons is one of my favorite movies! It has so many great lessons on perseverance and resilience. It has a lot to say about creativity and individuality!
Abandoned as a baby, Lewis is a bright young boy growing up in an orphanage. He has a creative mind and a knack for science. At his school’s science fair, Lewis’ invention creates a catastrophe. By chance, he meets Wilbur, a kid who claims he’s from the future! Wilbur desperately needs Lewis to fix a time machine. With that, the two head off to the future for great adventures!
Meet the Robinsons is a sweet film great for the whole family. Use this study to turn a movie night into a character-building lesson!
Meet the Robinsons Movie Study

  • Meet the Robinsons Discussion Questions
  • Lewis: Now and in the Future
  • Famous Scientists
  • The Characters
  • Learning From Failure

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