Jews Don't Eat Pork

I’m very fond of pointing out that Judaism has a LOT to teach…well, everybody. After reading The Chosen and The Promise by Chaim Potok, I began to realize it even more. If you have not read either, I suggest you read The Promise, and then The Chosen. Some may say The Chosen is a bit slow, but if you enjoy great literature, you will love it.
Jews don't eat pork

Orthodox Jews do not work on the Sabbath. So what do they do? They don’t work on the Sabbath.
Jews don’t eat pork. So what do they do? They just don’t eat pork. They do not start riots or protests outside McDonalds, they do not try to shut down Burger King. They just don’t eat pork. A far cry from health activists petitioning for a McDonalds veggie burger, ’cause salad isn’t good enough for them. How would a Jewish man solve the problem? He would either make his own dinner, go to a vegan restaurant, or he would open up a vegan restaurant.
A Jewish student keeps kosher (Jewish dietary laws) and goes to a public school. What does he do? He packs his lunch.
A Muslim student keeps Muslim dietary laws and goes to a public school. What does he do? He demands the cafeteria offer Muslim food. Jews don’t celebrate Christmas. So what do they do? They don’t celebrate Christmas, and may share a Hanukkah song on their FaceBook or light a menorah in their window. I have never seen a group of people so proud of the traditions and religion – yet never force anyone to be a part of it.
Jewish actor and lawyer Ben Stein says it best, from a Jewish perspective:
“I am a Jew, and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish. And it does not bother me even a little bit when people call those beautiful lit up, bejeweled trees, Christmas trees… I don’t feel threatened.. I don’t feel discriminated against…That’s what they are, Christmas trees. It doesn’t bother me a bit when people say, ‘Merry Christmas’ to me. I don’t think they are slighting me or getting ready to put me in a ghetto. In fact, I kind of like it. It shows that we are all brothers and sisters celebrating this happy time of year.”

Tolerance works both ways.  Ironically, the majority of the people who claim “tolerance” are the most intolerant people I have ever seen. Tolerating terrorism doesn’t make you tolerant. It makes you foolish. Tolerating gay marriage and bashing those who don’t doesn’t make you tolerant. If you’re gay, I don’t care. Do I accept it? No. Do I think it’s wrong? Yes. Do I hate you? Nope.
I’m not quite sure why homosexuals feel the need to paint themselves as the victim, getting martyred by evil Christians when in reality, the majority of Christians (Yes, there are a few exceptions. That’s life.) just want homosexuals to leave them alone. I mean, suing a bakery for not making you a cake simply shows how intolerant YOU are. Simply find another baker, florist, or photographer, and get over it.
I’m sure our tolerant, loving friends who proudly support suing Christian businesses who oppose gay marriage on the “discriminating unfairly”, like the Colorado bakery controversy or the New York couple fined $13,000 or the sued Washington florist or the Minnesota business forced to PAY for the gay wedding or the New Mexico photographer, would also support the KKK suing a black couple’s hotel for not allowing them to host a meeting there. Or a Muslim forced to serve bacon. If you clicked on that last link, you’ll find there is no such story, because it never happened. And it never will. Forcing a black couple to do anything like that would spark a liberal outrage.
As Matt Walsh and Ben Carson have stated,  there is NO compromise with this LGBT community. Compromise is impossible. With the most recent outrage, a Catholic New York couple refused to host a gay wedding. They offered instead to host the reception, as they have done with previous gay couples, but not the wedding. They also said they recently held a birthday party of an adopted child of a lesbian couple. But, of course, it didn’t matter. I have no respect for any of the gay men and women who bait Christian businesses, whine, and sue. This disgusting LGBT community cannot quietly live their life; they must demand to be respected and worshipped. They say they’re quite tolerant and a gay person would NEVER impose his lifestyle on anyone else. Ha. Nevermind the “purple penguins” – a whole school having to adjust because Johnny is confused whether he is he, she, it, both, or neither. That is not tolerance for one or two kids – this is stupidity; especially when calling boys and girls “boy and girls” is considered bad.
Today, far too many “tolerant” people whine about everything that, ironically, they don’t agree with. Like an HGTV show featuring pro-life, pro-traditional marriage brothers. The show never aired, all because of a very few (hypocritical, I might add) liberals whining on “Right Wing Watch.” These so-called tolerant people demanded the show not run because the brothers oppose gay marriage and the killing of unborn babies. In a liberal mind, Christian brothers helping families purchase their dream home they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford is very offensive. Somehow, sex, profanity, violence and Islamic terrorism isn’t offensive, though.
Recently, a restaurant in Vermont removed a sign because some Muslim found it offensive. What did the sign say? “Yield Sneakers Bacon” If you honestly find Christianity offensive and Islam not, then you have lost all common sense. If you think a nativity scene or saying “bless you” is offensive and “pushing our beliefs on you” and ISIS flags in the US aren’t; congratulations, you are a hypocrite. When a gay athlete comes out, he’s hailed a hero. When a football player announces he’s a Christian, he’s blasted. Last year, Abercrombie was in a lawsuit for firing a Muslim woman because of her headscarf. She knew the rules, no head coverings allowed. There are other job opportunities. What happened? She sued them. When will we learn that ultimately, Islam does not want peace? Islam does not want to “coexist.” You cannot coexist with someone who wants to kill you.
Although there are peaceful MuslimsIslam is not peaceful. Islam is simply destruction and death. Every country ruled by Islam is run by Hitler-praising suicide-bombing women-hating gay-hating psychopaths. It is extremely ironic that the imbeciles who support “peace” and “Islam” because you “shouldn’t blame one (psychopath) for a whole group” never give Christians or gun-owners the same treatment. And I can reassure you, Christianity “oppression” and “intolerance” is nothing compared to Islamic Sharia Law – where women must have four male witnesses to prove rape, and gays are publicly hung. Israel is primarily Jewish and the only democracy in the Middle East. Arguing Israel, a democracy, is an “apartheid” state while ignoring the 99% of Muslim-on-Muslim deaths, human trafficking, child soldiers, rape and lack of women’s rights in other Middle Eastern countries is absurd. Israel is the only country where a gay man or Christian woman can live freely.
Perhaps I wouldn’t be upset about all these liberal hypes if it wasn’t for the Duck Dynasty controversy. Albeit all the previous incidents, liberals were claiming “It was A&E’s right.” They’re actually right – it IS A&E’s right, even if they pay for it in a negative way. (The media, of course, did not tell the full truth about the story. But whatever on that.) It is also a Christian business’ choice not to serve to a gay couple. Get over it. However, can you imagine the controversy if Phil was gay – and A&E kicked him off the show because of that? I suppose liberals would be making a different argument.
Disagreement is not hate. Agreement is not love. Saying I am pro-traditional marriage or anti-gay marriage is not hatred. Those are my personal beliefs; just like you have yours.
America is full of choices. If you don’t like a certain bakery, or photographer, or store’s policies, get a new baker, get a new photographer, or change jobs. It’s really that simple. {Abortion is an entirely different subject, as the subject is an unborn baby.} Whenever some random Joe is offended, we all must comply and bow down to him. Our country is being overrun by a politically-correct, overly-sensitive and entitled minority! The PC-police show zero tolerance to anyone who disagrees with them. Anyone who needs to tell people they’re tolerant (i.e. Liberals and Muslims) probably isn’t. And remember, actions speak louder than words.
Let’s try to be a little more like our Jewish friends and show true tolerance, and as black Conservative Ben Carson states, common sense, mutual respect and compromise.

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  1. Jehovah’s Witnesses also don’t not celebrate Christmas or any holiday for that matter. But they go to school, sit through class, sometimes ask for alternative work, color a pumpkin without drawing a face, a winter scene instead of a Christmas tree, sit or stand respectfully when the flag is saluted. They (and by they I mean we) observe one day a year a celebration of sorts, the same day as the Passover, the night Jesus instituted the Lord’s Evening Meal, the Memorial of Jesus’ death. Although other people get off school and work for their major holidays, we do not and we accept that . I go home from work that day and get ready for our solemn event without complaining or insisting everyone else celebrate our holiday, without even suggesting special treatment, although I think I’d have a pretty good case in today’s climate to get the day off. I drive a school bus and decorated my bus in a winter woodland theme because the elementary kids told me the other buses decorated for Christmas. I won’t be decorating my bus with Christmas trees, wrapping paper, and Santas but they liked it, in fact it was different enough that my counterpart (she takes my morning kids in afternoon and vice versa-yes that is crazy to me too) came over to look because the kids told her about it. I too could have staunchly said I don’t celebrate Christmas, therefore I will ignore the winter season and your childish need for whimsy.
    So I agree, if you don’t like it, do something else, adjust within your belief system, make a good and kind name for your god by reflecting love in your life and worshiping without imposing. Now, we do knock on your door from time to time, that is following Jesus’ command, but if you say you are not interested we don’t burn your house down. We will just go on down the road and hope that another day you might want to have a Bible discussion. We don’t want any special laws for that either. Not everyone agrees we should be able to do that. We won’t riot but we will write you down if you do not want us to ever come back to your house and do what we can so that other Witnesses won’t either.
    I always enjoy your post and getting to think about these things in more detail.

    • Thanks for your comment, April. And yes, you are very right – we sometimes have Jehovah’s Witnesses come to our door, but when we decline; they respect that, and nope – have never heard of any Jehovah’s Witness burning down a house or demanding everyone believe what they believe! Thank you for your comments sharing your perspective! I really liked your Christmas story – a perfect example of true tolerance.
      Thank you 🙂

  2. I love this line: “Disagreement is not hate. Agreement is not love. Saying I am pro-traditional marriage or anti-gay marriage is not hatred. Those are my personal beliefs; just like you have yours.”
    I truly wish more people could understand this concept.

  3. The difference is not Jew versus some other group, the difference is in numbers. I heard in Israel they tried to break cars parked during Sabbath in order to keep people from driving on Sabbath (yes, breaking the car is still “work”, but I guess they consider it worth it).
    On a different note, I don’t see why its bad to try to influence other people. If you think about it, why would God be so concerned as to what you eat “unless” it somehow influences the rest of society for the better good? And, in particular, wouldn’t God “want” you to spread the word in making sure others don’t eat pork?


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