How to Shop Smart on Black Friday

Can you believe how quickly this year is flying by?! I cannot believe that it is almost time for the Holiday season, which means that it is almost time for shopping for presents! Shop smart on Black Friday this year!
How to Shop Smart on Black Friday
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Although it can seem over-rated, Black Friday offers the chance to find some incredible deals. If you’ve never shopped on Black Friday before, it is the day after Thanksgiving in which most stores will have crazy sales in order for people to shop for the holidays and save a bit of money.
Because of all of the great deals stores can get a bit hectic and crazy. Today I am going to give you a few tips that will help you get the great deals on Black Friday without dealing with all of the craziness.
1. Research Before You Leave
This is such an important tip to use! Make sure that you research the places you want to go and items you want to get on your Black Friday trip. If you just go out and have no plan at all before you go, it will just be total chaos and you may not get the things you are looking for. Be sure to compare store’s ads to ensure that you are getting the absolute best deal.
2. Bring Your Ads With You
I always think it is a good idea to circle the items that you are looking for and then bring ads along with you. This way you can make sure that you are getting the correct items for the correct price. Sometimes things go wrong and when you go to pay for an item it may not ring up the correct price, if you have the ad with you it will be much easier to work out the situation with the store and get you the correct price.
3. Shop Online
Sometimes getting out into the madness that is Black Friday shopping is not always worth it. A lot of retailers also offer the same deals and sometimes even more and additional sale items through online shopping. This way you get to stay home in your PJ’s while getting all of your most wanted deals and getting your Christmas shopping done.
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4. It’s Not Just One Day
Black Friday deals are not just for Black Friday! Many stores extend their sales throughout the weekend, and some even longer. If you’re looking for big ticket items, it may be best to go on Friday but if you’re just looking for lower priced items like clothing, you can save yourself the hysteria of Black Friday and go throughout the weekend.
5. Bring a Friend
I wouldn’t recommend going Black Friday shopping all by yourself. First of all, it’s not very fun and having someone with you is very beneficial as well. They are able to help you look for the best deals, help you beat the others to those limited items and you get to have a good time with a friend or family member.
I don’t believe in being obsessed with consumerism, but Black Friday offers a ton of great deals. Black Friday shopping can be so much fun and it is really great to get out and save money for your Christmas shopping. Of course, some people take it a bit too seriously and it can get to be a dangerous situation. Be sure that you are being safe and don’t resort to fighting or arguing with someone over saving a few bucks. (It’s not worth it.)
Remember to have fun and save money, and most importantly stay safe!
How to Shop Smart on Black Friday



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