A+ Math

A+ Math Tutor Software is a low-cost mathematics help program, most ideal for homeschoolers, but all can benefit. The curriculum is a hands-on Internet math software, designed for grades 1-6, plus pre-Algebra and Algebra 1.
A+ math Software

  • Hands-on math software
  • For grades 1-6, pre-Algebra, Algebra 1
  • Great for visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners
  • Creates personalized lesson plans based on multiple tests
  • Slightly more advanced than average curriculum
  • Somewhat similar to Khan Academy

Although it is primarily online, you have the option to print worksheets for on-the-go activities. And, you can add scores for offline math work. The lesson formats reminded me of Khan Academy, which is primarily for older grades. It contains a detailed video explaining the problems, and it contains a video for every single “skill”, so too much isn’t packed into one lesson.
A+ Math
After taking a detailed and thorough mini-test on multiple (10+ different categories), students are given a detailed and personalized lesson plan. Being primarily on computer, students can be independent, and it doesn’t require constant supervision. It has answers right away, and automatically grades and provides feedback and tutorials for problems.
When the curriculum says “strong foundation” – they aren’t kidding. I found this curriculum to be quite advanced compared to many other curriculums. However, of course, you can always go a grade lower or so. And, with individualized lesson plans, it really shouldn’t matter.
A+ Math
I think perhaps the biggest perk is the customer service, run by the owner and founder, Vinod. From others’ reviews and my own personal chat with him prior of this review, and I can definitely say their customer service beats our 2 hour long struggle with Comcast’s service this morning. Vinod is quite passionate about it, and is happy to answer any questions.
Interested but not sure where to start? Get a free placement test here.
A+ Software was kind enough to let my readers take full advantage of the program for a whole month!
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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the program for the purpose of this review. I am an honest person and this in no way affected my review.


  1. I’m using Singapore Math right now with my two oldest. While I like it, I would be interested in trying out something a little more interactive.

  2. I am homeschooling four children, and this would be a huge help in helping them work more independently. I am very interested in trying out this product.

  3. We are currently looking at curricula so that we can make the transition to traditional homeschooling next year. This would be great for my 7th & 8th graders (one loves math and the other does not) not to mention my little one entering elementary.


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