75 Things to Declutter and Organize Around Your Home Right Now

With the new year right around the corner, it’s time for decluttering! Here are 75 things to declutter in the kitchen, closet, and more!

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75 Things to Declutter

I like to declutter every once in a while, as it’s a great opportunity to purge what I’m not using. I’m not totally minimalist, but let’s be honest – who likes unnecessary clutter? Here are 75 areas of your house you can declutter and organize, great for a fresh start for the new year!


1. Pantry
2. Fridge
Throw away old photo and wipe up spills. I use drawer dividers to help keep things neat and organized!
3. Freezer
4. Appliances
5. Cookware
6. Bakeware
7. Spices
Spices don’t need gone through very often, but sometimes it can be good to throw out old spices you haven’t used in three years.
8. Baking supplies
9. Coffee mugs
10. Cookbooks
We’ve gotten rid of most of our cookbooks and mainly use Pinterest to source and print recipes.
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I use an app called Stylebook to help me keep track of my wardrobe. I absolutely LOVE it and it has saved my sanity so much! It made me realize how often (or not) I actually wear an item, and helps me figure out the cost-per-wear. It also helps me style outfits from my bed. It’s a great way to see what you actually wear, and me realize I didn’t really need 30 summer shirts.
11. Shirts
I use closet dividers to divide my hanging clothes up – dresses, cardigans, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, and misc.
12. Pants/shorts
13. Dresses/skirts
14. Pajamas
I realized I only need about 3-4 pajama bottoms, since I typically wear them 2-3x and do laundry once every week or so.
15. Undergarments/socks
Get rid of holed socks (I have a few I use to go over my good socks if it’s super cold outside) or any old undergarments.
16. Jewelry
Get a handy little jewelry organizer.
17. Purses/bags
I am addicted to Coach and Kate Spade – I don’t have many handbags, but most of my purses are designer brand. I use apps like Poshmark to score quality for a great price. (Use the code lifeincolor16 to get a $5 credit!)
18. Shoes
19. Coats
Here in the midwest, we need coats for every season. I have one for each season (excluding summer) and a rain jacket.
20. Bathing suits


21. Make up
Throw away any make-up you haven’t worn in six months, for space and hygiene reasons.
22. Make up brushes
Keep your make-up brushes in good condition with brush cleaner.
23. Nail polish
Get rid of old, icky nail polish.
24. Skin products
25. Hair products
26. Medicine
27. Towels/washcloths
28. Decor
29. First aid supplies
30. Cleaning supplies


31. Receipts
Grab this small accordian file to keep receipts organized.
32. Pencils and pens
33. Paperwork
34. Business cards
Business cards can pile up quickly! Throw away old business cards or file them in a business card organizer.
35. Expired coupons
36. Notebooks
37. Old papers
38. Taxes
39. Old supplies
40. Desk
Clean out any miscellaneous items in your desk!


41. School papers
42. Art supplies
43. School supplies
44. Coloring books
45. Trophies/awards
46. Clothing
Get rid of stained or too-small clothing.
47. Shoes
48. Outside toys
49. Sports equipment
From soccer cleats to ballet slippers, get rid of old sports equipment the kids no longer need.
50. Stuffed animals
51. Toys
52. Bookshelves
53. Backpack
54. Bedroom decor


65. Scrapbook supplies
66. Pet supplies
67. Garage/tools
68. Old chargers
With electronics constantly changing, get rid of chargers that belong to old devices you no longer own.
69. Electronics
70. Social media
Once a year or so, I’ll go through my Facebook and Pinterest accounts to purge anything unwanted.
71. Computer desktop
Clear up your computer files to help your sanity!
72. Christmas decor
73. Other holiday decor
74. Gift packaging
75. Duplicates of anything
If you have more of one item or can make do with one item when you have two, get rid of it to save space!


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