11 Christian Memoirs

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Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis
Growing up in a decent family, Katie Davis had it better than most Americans, let alone in any other country. What caused her to move from her perfect family to Uganda and become the adopted mother of 14 kids? Jesus, of course! You can visit Katie on her blog: Kisses From Katie.

“I have learned that I will not change the world. Jesus will do that. I can, however, change the world for one person. So I keep stopping and loving one person at a time. Because this is my call as a Christian.” -Katie Davis

Things We Couldn’t Say by Diet Eman
You may know Diet from my first series, Ten WWII Heroes. Diet’s story is somewhat similar to that of Corrie ten Boom. Diet was a young Dutch Christian when WWII broke out. She hated seeing her Jewish friends persecuted, and she and her fiancé were soon very active in the Dutch Resistance. Diet was arrested, and with God’s help, she survived miraculously. Diet has been featured on Dr. Dobson, as well as Kathryn Atwood’s book Women Heroes of World War II. Her story is unbelievably inspiring and shows what one person can do with God’s help.

Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow

Alright, I haven’t read this one yet but I know Tim Tebow is an amazing Christian man – and football player. He’s won numerous awards, made headlines for sticking up for his faith, and inspired millions across the globe.
The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom
The Hiding Place is one book every Christian should read (or watch) at least once. Corrie ten Boom and her family courageously rescued many Jews during WWII. Although Corrie was later arrested and sent to a concentration camp, every Jew she saved survived the war.
Corrie and her entire family are worth remembering. They were all very courageous Christians who dedicated their life to serving others and worshipping Christ.
In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham
Soon after 9/11, a young missionary couple was taken hostage by terrorists associated with Osama bin Laden. Throughout a whole year of torture and loss of her husband, Gracia remained strong and unmoved with her faith. I haven’t read this book, but my sister did and she loved it.
God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew
Although I haven’t read this book yet, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. (It is also a Sonlight book, and I like their book selections) This is the true story of a Dutch factory worker who smuggled Bibles behind the Iron Curtain – to Communist countries.
After wounding his ankle in battle, Brother Andrew relentlessly read his Bible during rehab. In July 1955, he dedicated his life to telling others about Jesus and continued to do it until the fall of Communism in Europe. Still then, Brother Andrew began evangelizing to Islamic countries, specifically Lebanon.
The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun
This amazing autobiography is about one Christian’s persecution in China. We as Christians should be aware that there are Christians today being persecuted for their faith.
I have only read part of this book, and it was about 4 years ago.

Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic
Part autobiography part self-help, Life Without Limits talks about one man’s faith – despite having no arms and no legs!
Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton
I haven’t read this yet, but I have heard great feedback from this amazing woman of God. When she was just a young teenager, surfer Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a shark. The shark bit her entire
left arm off, but that didn’t stop Bethany from pursuing her love and passion for surfing. Now Bethany has surfed professionally, won countless awards including Nationals, and appeared on numerous television shows and magazines – all with one arm.

Devil At My Heels by Louie Zamperini
After reading Laura Hillenbrand’s amazing biography Unbroken, I knew I had to hear Louie’s story from his own words. Louie Zamperini was a juvenile delinquent as a young child. His brother Pete urged him to try a sport, like running. Louie quickly picked up the sport, setting records and shaking hands with Hitler at the 5000 meters in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Louie enlisted in the army, and while on a rescue mission, crashed in the Pacific Ocean. For 47 days, he and two friends were stranded in the Pacific Ocean with sharks – and Japanese bullets. Louie landed on Japanese territory, and for two years suffered at the hands of Japanese soldiers. After the war, Louie became an alcoholic, angry at everybody. On the brink of his divorce, his wife Cynthia went to a sermon of young Billy Graham – and got saved. After much persuasion, Louie went to one of Billy’s lectures and accepted Christ into his heart. Louie went back and forgave all the Japanese. He is still alive and continues to lecture young people about his incredible faith journey.
Other memoirs I have not read but I know are Christian:

  • Evidence Not Seen: A Woman’s Miraculous Faith in the Jungles of WWII by Darlene Rose
  • Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot
  • Jumping Through Fires by David Nassar (Iranian story of a Muslim who turns to Christ)
  • SEAL of God by Chad Williams
  • Fearless by Eric Blehm (Navy SEAL story)
  • And There Was Light: Blind Hero of the French Resistance by Jacques Lusseyran (WWII)
  • Captive in Iran by Maryam Rostampour
  • Gifted Hands by Dr. Benjamin Carson
What are your favorite Christian memoirs?

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  1. Oh my goodness! Can’t wait to read about Deit Eman! I’ve read a some of Evidence not Seen and its very good but sad!
    I wanted to tell you the reason I haven’t been commenting is becuase our computer but we plan on getting a new one in October!

  2. “Through Gates of Splendor” and the follow up Eisabeth Elliot wrote are excellent. What a faith to stay and live among the people who martyred your husband and raise you only child among them.


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